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  • sybil_rulez sybil_rulez Jul 21, 2013 8:56 AM Flag

    Tail, if bit coin stok markets were to go down, and never to rise again then and only then would wealth be destroyed, in the meantime....


    In that instance, the glove would be cast into a 1200 ad lik fuedal system . Each major top and bottom inflection point represents wealth being transfered from the many sheeple to the few that are connected.... Sybs understandz that this iz an abstract concept, but one day you will come to see the true condition of the matrix in which we live.

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    • Have you gone off the deep end? Let's focus on amzn. This stock is going to report this week.
      Headwinds... over valued... slowing economy in eu and Asia... losing tax advantage... etc
      Tailwind... institutions don't seem to care

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      • Scamazon's meteoric rise over the last few years is due to QE. Earnings don't matter because there is a steady stream of money coming in next month to pump up the Fat Pig. If you believe in QE Forever, then cover your short positions and move on. But if you believe that QE is about to end in the next few months, then hang tight with your short positions by selling your winners so you can ride out the storm.

        There will be a repeat of 1999 when Scamazon's stock price was cut by 90%. I always keep 2x cash for each share short to avoid forced liquidation.

        Remember that big $ is made by doing the unexpected. When people pile into housing...time to get out. When people buy Scamazon because it will never go down...time to short. Not many can short at the top, but at current valuation, all will make at least $200 on the downside.

        The crooks tout AWS as the great $ maker, but one only need to look at the other big competitors like IBM to see the true earning potential. Intense competition between the big dogs will keep margins at low level, forever.

        In summary, Scamazon is a giant bubble fueled by QE. Once there is confirmation of the end of QE, the rats will jump because no one wants to be the last to sell a bubble stock. The smart funds will probably anticipate the end of QE by a quarter or two by scaling back this Pig.

        The best time to short a bubble stock is when there is so much uncertainty about going shot because the tape is showing that the longs are in total control.

      • price action tells me they know something I almost want to cover an take my but u make great point an the market are at a top an amzn will fall hard

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