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  • xdon69 xdon69 Sep 5, 2013 9:34 AM Flag

    still here geegee


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    • So is jagdeep_m2000.

      Look at his posts made in 2009:

      jagdeep_m2000 on November 6.2009: "By the way..I am also short at 120."

      jagdeep_m2000 on November 10, 2009: "Today all time high has been set!! It just won't go up anymore."

      jagdeep_m2000 on November 10, 2009: "More certain about the fall...the higher you go..the longer you have to fall...and don't know it too...even though Its hard for me to believe that individuals own has to be MMs at this price..coz individuals can't be that ignorant or stupid."

      jagdeep_m2000 on November 10, 2009: "I am also short 400 shares :(..and honestly..DO NOT cover. The same thing happened to me with GS..I was short at 170 and I covered it too soon. It did go below 170...Patience..I am positive..AMZN will pull back 10% + this month.."

      He's totally broke and he is still here.

    • Remember the kid in class who wouldn't shut up. Periodically someone would beat him up and he would act wounded and quiet for awhile and then compulsively start up again, annoying everyone with his uncontrollable banter. Eventually a counselor would be called in and the resolution would usually entail moving him to another class. Guess who?

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    • So are techstrategy and Sybil, two of our biggest losers.

      All losers are entitled to stay here. This is a free country after all.

      God bless America.

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