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  • nasdaq_6000_baby nasdaq_6000_baby Oct 26, 2013 9:48 AM Flag

    ok, give a thumbdowns for all my post plese, b/c I tell you all the truth and you can't take it:

    I hope I get about 50, which means your all stuck short in a stock with limitied float, going up daily on neverending POMO money into the strongest part of the Season for a stock like AMZN, the Holiday Season lol!! Yeah "any minute now" it's gonna crash.

    Like I said long ago:
    "your fellow short, is your enemy is AMZN stock." some of you are pretty dense not to know that. ironically, Sybil may be giving you all the proper warning here. We'll see.

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    • No. A corrupt system that is overrun with predatory trading using asymmetric information (co-location, quote stuffing fantaseconds) to essentially steal from actual investors in the greatest skimming operation of all time is the enemy. Fellow shorts are bit players...

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      • no, a corrupt system b/c you were on the wrong side of what you thought. Let me clue you in: alot, who are out working hard the world, don't think it's corrupt to see their 401 k's skyrocketing and making real welath on the gains You sound like a whining baby , you really do. You get beat on something you didn't understand. Part of it was stepped up QE, which you completely denied when it happened that it would help the market to even higher heights. You've bee dead wrong....period. And that needs to be pointed out if you're gonna pontificate here endlessly as if you know what's going on, you havn't shown you do. nothing but a Monday morning QB trying to explain why your losses added up. A whining baby.

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