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  • ayahtolla2003 ayahtolla2003 Oct 27, 2013 12:08 PM Flag

    I think Sybil's "Base Camp 4" analogy is proving to be very true here: you shorts have lost your minds

    And you have no idea how long it might take or high it is from Base Camp 4 to the Peak 5. And it Peak 5 may not even be the top. You're all guessing and losing, with it accelerating.

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    • Mountain climbing is probably more like regular investing.

      Growth investing is more like flying. There is an upper limit to the atmosphere and they always, always end up back on the ground.

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      • Dont miss understand sybil here. Sybil iznt waiting at base camp for for the pig to fly down to get on the long side expecting it to ride back up. B sybs gonna attempt 2 daring feats with this pig:

        1. Sybby's gonna eventually booster rocket up to this pigz altitude and short it with a tight stop loss

        If that doesnt work az picking off the top of a parabola iz tough to do:

        2. Sybby's gonna slide back down to base camp 4 pack up a bacpack full of rocks and then jump on this pig on its way down az its passing by base camp 4 in a tail spin, again with a tight stop loss.

      • Considering that Amazon is so far beyond any possible realistic possibility of ever achieving this "value" in the longterm, it's gotten into the sure thing range of going significantly down from here. It's in those thin air upper limits and gas is limited.

        Even with growth investing, it has to he plausible to make money "in the future". Amazon cannot and will not make money. It's an easily replaced retail portal. The things they are expanding in are not money-makers. No competitive advantages.

    • We need Nurse Cratchett to hand out the medication around here!!!!! I particularly enjoy Techyboy's ramblings about being an IPO launching entrepreneur. My guess is he's a public employee with too much time on his hands.................

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