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  • kopach kopach Nov 15, 2013 7:22 PM Flag

    These markets will crash and burn so over priced. Only fools are a nd have been buying here.

    Never seen so many suckers being reeled in. One massive pyramid scheme thank your federal reserve this time like with Greenspan when it free falls. cant believe people actually buying anything at these prices. I guess its Wall Street buying with investors money pumping it up. Its not theirs to lose.

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    • I agree with you but hard to see the catalyst that's gonna pop it and by that time, this thing might be up another 50 points. Even long-term mega-bulls like Nasdaq and Bruce cashed out at 306. Now they look foolish along with the shorts. Have to admit I waded back in short yesterday (short-term of course). It's due for a pullback here. Would love to be short the day it starts to plunge, but not willing to take the risk of a long term short. So will likely have to settle for small gains.

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      • "I agree with you but hard to see the catalyst that's gonna pop it and by that time, this thing might be up another 50 points. "

        True there iz nothing to stop bots from this pig running another 50 points, in fact sybil iz calling for exactly that, but the catalysts - they've already happened and the fed knowz it:

        1. Detroit - the largest muni bk on record - 20 bil and bond holderz and pensioners got a dime on a dollar, and the trash iz STILL piling up with no collectionz while the pimps, hookerz and dealerz own the unlawful mean streets - there are many more muni bondz in the pipeline ready to deliver HUGE lossez to the big bank systemic risk holderz

        2. Recorded unemployment at 7.2 % while real unemployement at 15% az the too old to hire 50 something boomerz get replaced by low paid college gradz with insurmountable debt. The stats dont show theze poor slobz in the unemployement index az their unemployement chex run out and they are forced into 'retirement'

        3. See # 2 - college debt for newbeez being 80k so they can work at an amzn warehouse for 8k annually and some obama care

        4. See # 3 obama care - another insolvant unsustanable gvt program where whats left of the middle class will bear the burden through reduced provate coverage that matchez the LCD of obama care.

        5. Subprime notes for carz that people cant afford to buy but can not afford not to have in order to get to their minimum wage job.

        6. World strife - the globe iz over populated and in need of a HUGE correction bubonic plague style az limited resourcez run out.... its happenning in front of sheeplez CNN watching eyez, but not happening in their own livez - yet..... But the potential x 10 iz there

        Oh yes - there are paaaallllenty of catalysts. Catalysts are never seen before they happen, thats why they are EVENTS. Infact, sybil listed 6 possible very real catalysts , but for sybil 6 of the visible portion of the iceberg, there are at least 600 other onez below the surface: china, russi

      • I agree with you. Of course it's not worth what it's printing now but we'll be saying the same thing 50-100 dollars north of here. The whole FED and government is downright corrupt or really foolish when both Bernanke and Yellen see no bubbles and Ben said a while back he didn't think his policy was simply helping Wall street and not Main Street. What!!!!??? Come on Ben, you have to be kidding.

        To me it's looking more and more like they see no way out and therefore will just keep the printing presses rolling until something shocks the system and poof down goes the entire market.

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