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  • natty_0ner natty_0ner Dec 1, 2013 9:11 PM Flag

    Owned AMZN for a decade

    but the drone story is insane. Might be time to start trimming and booking profits before BEZOS becomes a total wacko. Imagine little drones flying around like he dreams of. For AMZN, FEDEX, USPS, and the terrorists. YEP. Mosquitoes are annoying enough to have to dodge but armies of DRONES delivering door to door? !/2 hour or less? Even dominos and every local pizza shop would get into that game. NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!

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    • he's an insane bilderberg crony just pushing their big brother state. I see it, all of you do to. this is NOT progress at all. this is amazon and he's focused on DRONES instead of NEW products? if anything he should have come out for Bitcoin, something liberating. Having stupid drones deliver to people in skyscrapers is not progress. Having drones fly into american neighborhoods with spy cameras is not liberty.

    • YEAH. The technology is there but this is SICK. AND totally impractical and too problematic to work on a large scale. CLEARLY a LOGICAL person understands this. SO why does Bezos and his scientists think this is logistically possible? They HAVE TOO MUCH money and no idea how to spend it.

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      • no, he's a bilderbeg and all of these ceos are all about the big brother indoctrination. this will Hurt business trust me. its ludicrous. people saying these things are gonna LAND on apt complexes in NYC or in some town...are insane btw. no one is gonna climb up to a roof in NYC to get a 3 lb package when it could be right at the door the way it is today

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