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  • diamond_2001_backs diamond_2001_backs Dec 2, 2013 3:40 PM Flag

    will other online businesses offer a similar service

    i can foresee a fleet of queen bees

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    • If only the government offered a service that had an absolutely trustworthy and dependable delivery person go to every address in the country every day, and that would pick up and deliver things for anyone for a reasonable price. Ah well, one can dream. Meanwhile, guess we'll have to make do with millions of drones buzzing around. (Or did the Tday turkey knock me into hibernation? Is it April 1st already?)

    • Isn't it strange how you think 300 is a cheap price for AMZN now that the new norm is for 400. Nothing fundamentally different about this company - yet pumping and analyst crowing set the new normal in people's mind. They still do not make money. Operate a razor thin margin to kill the competition, abuse their low end warehouse workers by hiring contractors and promising full time and above all dream up money spent as a good thing cause it is building out infrastructure. Ebay is killing it with smart acquisitions like Paypal. You will see Ebay start to roar in 2014. Jack Ma will start his own roar globally and really mess up the retail market in 2014. All good for the consumer - all bad for mom and pop retails shops.

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    • ebay has bicyclists delivery service and it sounded like they thought it was very innovative on their part of think of it... lol...

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