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  • mandan14shooter mandan14shooter Mar 13, 2014 12:18 PM Flag

    Garage door torsion springs & Levi Jeans....

    i've had a garage door company for 18 years and the other day a customer called and asked me to install his springs. He bought new springs on Amazon and thought he could save some money. He measured the springs, but didn't know the wire size and the company grabbed two springs off the shelf and sent them anyway. That's like ordering Levi Jeans without knowing your waist size. Yea, send me two pair with a 29" length. He opens the box and finds two pair with a 29" length and a 52" waist. That's what happened to this guy when he ordered two springs and threw his 90 bucks out the window. i got there and he had 2- 2"x.262x29" springs that would easily lift a 300 pound door. i told him that if i put those on, his 16x7 220 pound door would shoot up like a rocket, but he didn't reply, so i took 15 minutes and put his springs on anyway. If i didn't catch it, the door would have shot up like a rocket. i put the right springs on after that and he was a happy camper. Those springs might have already been changed out twice before, so you can't always go by the torsion springs that are up there. You have to weigh the door.
    There are always companies that will rip you off, whether it's a plumber installing an 16' water line under your sink and charging 550 bucks or a garage door company that will put 10 bucks worth of rollers, 8 bucks worth of bearing brackets and two springs and charge you 700 bucks. They will rape your wallet and smile when walking out to the truck. They have no conscience and never think about the consequences of their actions....

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