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    The one year price target and the analyst average estimates for Amazon all show slight increases for this year and next. We are less than two weeks from 1st quarter earnings and if memory serves me the following years earnings have always dropped after the reality of the "new" earnings guidance sinks in.

    What is the purpose of upping estimates now?

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    • Oppenheimer price target to $455.

      Evercore Partners $480 price target.

      Jefferies $450 price target.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • The template most informed analysts are going no is that of Amazon's last investment cycle which began about a dozen years ago and produced exponential earnings growth as it exited that phase. Since analysts can't be certain after a number of years into the cycle they begin speculating on when that growth will explode which is what you are seeing in that trend in guidance as they only get limited hints as to the timing in the financials such as a rapid decline in capex growth rate.

    • Analysts? Thats a very broad statement. Your talking about the same Analysts that placed a $450 & $340 price target all in the same breath for Amzn last Quarter?? This is a joke!!!! Why take the abuse?? Jeff Bezos dont care about his investors. He's in another world an ego maniac...He thinks hes William Randolph Hearst with his news paper purchase last year. Ill tell you what ? He has no choice to start paying attention to us when his company goes below $300 tomorrow!!!

    • Analysts have to get paid like everybody else. If you have free access to their reports, it means somebody else paid them to make the analysis available to you. Why would somebody do that?

    • Analysts are criminals. They screamed Amazon was a buy at $400. They are just doing what the big guns want. So I guess really they are just doing their job.

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      • No, actually not many if any did at that level. But they sure did at $180 and $260, the two times you initiated core shorts for whopping losses so they have been pretty accurate. You also touted buying gold at near record levels from which it plummeted 30%. Who are you to be talking?

      • That's the problem with them on an individual basis. We all make choices in life and inherently most of us know right from wrong and when you sell your soul for a few shekels you are doing a disservice to yourself and quite possibly it's time to look for a new profession.

        Otherwise you are simply part of the problem and not part of the solution.

        Period, end of story.

        To each there own. They can sell their soul and others can choose tell the truth. Of course, some things are purely opinion but when finances are glossed over by very well educated people time and time again it's simply playing the golden goose for all she's worth. 2+2 does not equal 8 and it says something is amiss.

        The truth eventually comes out. Fundamentals ultimately represent truth.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

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