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  • sybil_rulez sybil_rulez Jul 28, 2014 9:32 AM Flag

    Sybby iz gonna school pretty boy ackmanon how not to be a dumb ars by announcing what he shouldnt have - here'z how

    Today HLF reports after the bell. Sybby holdz NO short position in this turkey that pretty boy bill haz so publically H8ed, so sybs iz gonna open up a base load of shorts in it during the day... Try to press the 66+ range to open a base load of shorts intraday. THEN sybs gonna enter "day+" short limit orderz for 73, 75, 80, 83, and 85 pps.... Conversly sybs gonna enter a "day+" 40 pps limit short order at some low ars support level like 40 bux pps. Sybs doesnt have to waste time listening to the "story" on the CC - sybs knowz NOTHING of the company behind this stupid ticker other than its ackman the pretty boy short VS icahn the rich jooue thats been well publicized in the "newz". No need - sybs only need play chart support and resistance with a level2 feed - thats what drivez theze bitcoin markets

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    • Sybby picked up 3500 'hard to borrow' HLF SHORTS - 67.50. Lets see what happenz wit em.

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      • Sybs got "day+" limit shorts in all the way up to 83 bux ... Sybs got buy to cover day + limit order in on the 3509 sharez at ....47.00 support... Lets see how many idiot retail shorts pile in throughout the day and shoot each other with seller remorse of following dummy ackman 'buy to coverz' only to have this thing collapse. Ackman callz this stock a scam. Sybs a little more broad in that sybby callz ALL stox a scam. WAKE UP SHEEPLE. PS - sybbys amzn shorts are "outperforming" today :)

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