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  • valuehound valuehound Dec 7, 1997 8:44 PM Flag

    Short Sale

    Pay special attention to this part:

    <b>"At recent prices, Amazon has a market value of about $1.29
    billion. Not bad for a company with $90 million in sales in the
    past four quarters. Compare that with Barnes & Noble, with a
    market value of $2.2 billion and sales of $2.71 billion -- and a
    profit to boot."</b>

    Why would anyone buy Amazon , when Barnes and Noble generates 30 times as much in revenues and sells for just under twice the market cap of Amazon? BKS also has a PROFITABLE business, and AMZN is forecast to continue LOSING money into next year. I dont
    get it. Also, AMZN is limited to sales on the internet, and can only do business with people who own computers and have access to the internet. BKS and BGP can sell to both the internet user and the man on the street. Buying AMZN at these ridiculous valuations makes no sense whatsoever. When the hype dies down, so will the stock price, probably all the way back to the IPO of 18.

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