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  • ghowick ghowick Mar 4, 1998 1:00 PM Flag

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    If you cover your short at 55, you will have missed most of the ride.

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    • At your next Tony Blair get-together, will you please petition the Brits to give us our Independence? I'm tired of fighting their wars - i.e. Kuwait, Nigeria

    • I was once a Communist. They threw lame parties. Now I'm a member of Tony Blair's Cool Brittania Labour Party. He throws good ones.

      Granny Olson

    • >>>Who
      would buy almost $100 MILLION of stock in a
      single purchase of stock, and who else would then buy tens of thousands more in 45
      minutes time. <<<<<

      I can only speculate that a short position had to cover, perhaps due to a margin call from the collapsing tech sector.....No one will ever take over a company like cap is 1.8 billion with just 140 million in sales and NO profits (in fact substantsial losses). A takeover is absolutely NOT possible.....anyone interested in starting an internet book venture can do so with about 25 million dollars, and does not need to spend 1.8 billion to buy a losing business..........;^)

      Better quetion would be , who is selling all that stock in chunks last few days.....answer...the INSIDERS. Even they know that the stock is ridiculously valued and they are cashing out...26 form 144's filed in the last month. See them here:

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    • My question is this:

      1)What happened last Thursday and Friday? On ENORMOUS volume the stock ran from 65>79. Then on Monday it bagan to go back down, Everen came out with the downgrade, I shorted it at 76, and felt quite happy about it as it slid down to 70 3/4 by Wednesday. I figured support was at 68 or so.

      2) I go to the bathroom at 12.25 pm. I come out 5 minutes later and someone has bought 120,000 shares in 5 minutes and run
      the stock up almost 5 points. The next day, it sells off on the Intel crash momentarily, and then quickly goes back up to 78! If
      you add up the total market time it took to do this, it was about 45 minutes, and hundreds of thousands of shares being bought.
      Who, and for what reason, would someone be purchasing THAT much stock at these high valuations? The only connection I could make
      here was that the amount of stock, and the similar patterns of purchase on the way up on Thursday and Friday, also matched the
      patterns of sudden very aggressive buying on Wednesday and Thursday. It's a favorite ploy of big money to make these sudden last
      minute purchases. But what's going on? Is someone attempting to buy this company? Who would buy almost $100 MILLION of stock in a
      single purchase of stock, and who else would then buy tens of thousands more in 45 minutes time.

    • once again a rather unbiased smart post(hard to come upon)
      and indeed im waiting in the wings to do just that.
      you must admit pulling the trigger is key.
      i dont have an itchy trigger finger,if i did i would have sold 4 times and been sorry.something to consider.i agree i would be sorry 15+ on the downside.
      cut yer losses n let the winners run.
      i will not change an investment strategy on the basis of percieved overvaluations(true or false).but i must say you and i think a lot alike!

    • Ok we've made our points. Now let's get serious. Tell me if i'm
      wrong. The only smart way for you to have your cake and eat it
      too, is:

      Start selling off your shares. You have done tremendous I
      presume. Take those wonderful profits, turn it in to cash,
      and take it to the bedroom ....

      Meanwhile, as you are selling pieces off, you are still holding
      some shares and can have all the fun of running 'er up but
      without the fear of a crash.

      Stop for a second and think: HOW will I feel sitting on
      a 15 point (or more 2 day loss?). What will I say to myself.
      Oh, I was in this for fun anyway?

    • Can employers give their workers put options
      in order to attract top people? If that's the
      case, I would think Amazon could attract some top-
      notch people at these prices.

      MV BABER

    • At last, somebody else who's still interested in assessing Amazon as a company! I grow tired of debating the same "Is Amazon overvalued?" question because, IMHO, the answer is so obvious.

      The relationship between Amazon and Ingram is very strong. (Actually, the relationship between Ingram and just about any book seller in this country is strong.) Ingram has been supplying about half the books that Amazon sells, but Amazon doesn't get any better discounts from Ingram than any other retailer. That is to say, the relationship between Ingram is "strong", but not "special."

      Even though I'm extremely bearish about the future of AMZN, even I would think about buying it (at $15) if Ingram bought out Amazon. Ingram has the distribution network; Amazon has the Internet reputation. They would be a great match. Too bad that AMZN is trading for about five times what it is worth, making a buyout impossible.

      The higher the price of the stock, the less likely Amazon will find long term success. Stock options become worthless if the stock is commonly recognized as being extremely overvalued, which makes it hard to attract top-notch employees. Moreover, the high price of AMZN makes a buyout by a company like Ingram impossible. It's ironic that the people who believe the most in Amazon's potential are the ones who are ruining it.

      I discussed the relationship between Ingram and Amazon in more detail in a post on the Motlet Fool board. Read it at:

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    • This is my first time to this list. I believe AMZN is overvalued.

      I've read about a weeks worth of messages and found a
      lot of "cheerleading" for longs and shorts (I believe the shorts
      are winning).

      Is there any interest in discussing AMZN as a company???

      I am especially interested in the relationship between AMZN
      and Ingram.. Is AMZN database owned by Ingram or AMZN?
      What is the potential for other "book sales" search engine
      companies to steal AMZN market share in the future?

      If there is no interest feel free to flame me... and i'll move on.

    • i could'nt agree more!
      me thinks a split is in the offing.
      you gotta admit it's nice to ride one of these rockets!
      whats the saying..cut your losses n let the winners run?
      no doubt when she cracks it will be swift,but what can you say?.
      i gotta stay fer now!

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