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  • millionairegal millionairegal Apr 14, 1998 11:24 AM Flag

    Help !!!

    I must be lost in the twilight zone. Will some of you folks who own this stock please post and tell me WHY in the world you own a company that has publically stated that the might NEVER make a profit !! I,m having trouble believing there are that many internet cultists keeping this stock UP !!

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    • May be is a good time to sell short... AMZN at a new all time record, without prospects of any profits... sell short is my advice, Mill. The baloon is rising with the search engines, but there are many needles around...

    • What you are witnessing is an orchestrated Wall Street move in internet stocks run by hedge funds and traders...there are
      virtually no individual investors in these stocks....the floats are tiny, the hedge funds and daytraders buy everyday and the market
      makers put up the bids on the back of the Investment house strong buy regulators give a damn because
      everyone is making is a pyramid game...and at some point someone will lose a lot of money. Then you will see the lawsuits
      the SEC and Nasdaq trying to cover their asses by investigating the process by which these companies were brought public and how
      the markets were made.....

      Do you really believe that a company can be brought public by a Wall street top investment bank and be underpriced by 10 or
      20 fold? That, if you believe today's prices, is what every internet stock that has ever been brought public has had happen to
      them...they are all 10 to 20 times higher than the 52 week lows where they were brought could the I-banks make the
      same mistake 50 times????????? These stocks are barely worth the IPO prices and at 20 times that they are pure speculative mania,
      yadda yadda yadda you've heard all that already.....I think you will be seeing people going to jail in a couple of years much like
      the Junk bond kings all did in the Michael Milken era for manipulating those is the same thing, just a diferrent
      medium .....good luck to you......;^)

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      • Yes AMZN is way over priced, but the run up is exclusively the blame of SHORT SELLER covering their positions. The short interest in AMZN is 15%, but as you say the float in tiny, so the problem is much worse. Next the shorts will want the SEC to bail them out, & have the market halted like they did with IBUY.

        This board is full of crocdile tears!

      • On the long side of the market, the best opporunities are usually the least obvious ones, because you have so many people left who are potential buyers.

        On the short side of the market, the best opportunities are usually the most obvious ones because you have so many people who are potential sellers.

        Nothing is more obviously overvalued in this market than AMZN. It's just a matter of when their nervous stockholders decide to act on that fear.

        It's a high beta stock, and one I wouldn't want to be holding when the market corrects.

    • Don't look to "internet cultists." Look to momentum players and day traders hoping for a short squeeze. Best play is to short this stock IF you have the money to ride out a long short squeeze and the patience to stick with your belief in the fundamentals.

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