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  • My analyst whom I consider to be among the best in the world and who only works privately says this stock is worth $8.00.
    Moreover, he says as far into the future as he can rationally think it will never make a profit. He believes Barnes and Noble to be at
    the present time the superior company in the industry and Amazon will never get its head above water. He told me this when the
    stock was $40.00. He also told me not to short it or buy puts because it might soar on nothing but hot air. In other words he told
    me it was too dangerous to fool with and I skipped it. But when this stock begins to tumble it will crash like Mt. St. Helens
    erupting and it will wipe out countless investors who get hooked on it. Good Luck to everybody but I'm going to be smart and go onto
    something else with better odds because this stock has already defied too much logic for me.

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