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  • Short_Squeeze_INC Short_Squeeze_INC Apr 15, 1998 8:38 PM Flag


    We start the squeeze on Friday, jump in and join the fun! 1.9 million shares, or 1/2 the float has been sold short, this will be more fun than going to Disney Land.!

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    • This message board is designed to discuss AMZN, kindly refrain from posting material regarding other stocks on this board, especially when you don't properly clarify that you are speaking of another company, and not AMZN. Many uneducated investors, which by the way seems to be all of the people still long on this stock, would have read your message and thought you were speaking of AMZN, when it fact you were talking about Actrade International Ltd.

      It is a very sad state of affairs when a company, such as AMZN, has its stock price unjustly inflated by hot air and hype.
      This stock price is comical, its almost as if some people think AMZN has a patent on selling books over the internet. What people
      fail to realize is that internet commerce will result in RAZOR THIN profit margins for companies that engage in it. People will
      have the opportunity to compare prices with AMZN's competitors within seconds, and all without having to leave their homes. This
      will result in price wars, and hence very small profit margins. In this type battle, well established retailers that have
      significantly higher sales than AMZN, such as Barnes & Noble, will triumph. With razor thin profit margins, internet book selling will be
      on the same level with grocery stores, very small profits per transaction. And I know of no gorcery store that warrants trading
      at 3,200 times NEXT YEAR's earnings forcast, which is what AMZN is at right now (96.125share price / 0.03per share earnings for
      all of 1999). By the way, in case anyone hasn't seen, the VectorVest stock analyzing site has AMZN's value pegged at
      $8.00/share. WOW, that would be a drop of 92%, or another way of looking at it; for every $10,000 of AMZN stock you think you have now,
      at the $8 price, would only be worth $832. OUCH! This drop will be very painful to many people who aren't wise and sell at
      these levels, and find much better places to invest their money.

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