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  • JSlicker JSlicker Apr 17, 1998 11:38 AM Flag

    AMZN Announces SPLIT 3-1 Stock goes to $

    All you shorts better think about that if they announce a
    split this Monster will go up like a rocket!!And they probably
    will soon if there ever gonna, and the FOOLS who buy at $200
    will eventually lose 90% of there investment after the split!!

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    • Stop LYING to people and giving out made-up info, and titling it as a fact. Companies that strongly believe that their share
      price will increase in the short term split their stock. 100 or a number around it isn't a magical number. MSFT last year got to
      what point, about 180, before they split. AMZN board of directors has already CAUTIONED that it is very likely they will miss
      expectations of Wall Street during the foreseeable future. You are like every other person on this board who says semi-positive, short
      term things about AMZN----you all believe that this thing is headed way down. So stop trying to time the decline of AMZN. The
      fact of the matter is that it could happen at anytime, and will.

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      • troy - I've given up on a few other boards where people insist on playing the 'idiot' calling game. I hope this board is not about to fall victim to that too.

        jslicker was only trying to get a reaction and it looks like he succeeded. Even though I very much doubt that AMZN will split 3-1, you must at least give some consideration to his idea. I'm not sure what the whole story with PRST is, but I doubt that some of the people who initially bet on its demise (via puts or shorts) thought it would go to 187, split adjusted, before it came back down to earth. (I think I heard that 187 figure here, not my own research.)

        Bottom line - no one alive knows just exactly what path this stock will take and what the timeline will be. Most of us believe that valuation considerations will ultimately win out, but depending on how you play your BET (not investment), you could end up losing alot of $$ waiting to be right. I'm sure Jslicker won't mind you being right in the end if he is able to stuff his pockets with gold while you wait.

      • Touting a stock split on AMZN is foolishness.
        The YHOO CHAT ROOM was full of supposed insiders
        warning that YHOO was going to announce
        a 2 for 1 or a 3 for 1 stock split at today's
        annual meeting. Guess what, it didn't happen.

        It's only mania that keeps this stock at rediculous
        levels. AND someday when the insiders holding
        this overpriced monster decide to cash in because

    • I really like the great Internet AMZN has...encouraging
      linking to em all over the place via the partnership program,
      banner advertising in the Eads system (all over the Net - sites
      who have the banners up make a nickle a click) etc.
      The results that win/win and saavy Net marketing generates
      is obvious.

      Off topic..
      Well - looks like my DGIV advice of last month
      -- recc. purchase at .58 (not on this area of the Yahoo board..) is paying off :-)
      It has a long way to go...
      But - if you missed the initial cruise on that one...(it's far from over though)
      here is another for you...

      Massively undervalued at a PE on this years earning of 3.
      (est 10 cents this year)
      Grew 400% year to year & plans on doing 2 cents this quarter
      in earnings...expanding into telmarketing for dental & mortgage industries from current chiro and utility biz...
      target=new >http://quote.yahoo.com/q?s=cfcc&d=v1

      I est. at least 100% growth in revenues this year vs. last

      For starters - call the company :-) 1-800-696-7788.
      Low float, reporting, and cheap. Stock is tightly held by insiders. 2,500,000 float 11.9mil outstanding.

      Management is also considering various equity funding alternatives to increase its
      already positive working capital to further support its planned acquisitions and improve the value of the
      Company for its shareholders. To this end, the Board of Directors has authorized management, if and
      when it deems appropriate, to purchase back for the Company's treasury, shares of the Company s
      common stock when it feels the current market price is under valued.

      Given this company's growth rate (sustainable - not burst)
      of lets say -- 100% a year (was a lot more than that from
      96-97) - PE should match - & be about 100. But - let's be
      conservative & say the company only grows at 30% a year
      sustained (very very conserverative to say the least)
      -- PE should be 30 using my typical rule of thumb...
      Thus - the stock price should be about 3 - for a PE
      of 30 on estimated 1998 earnings. Thus - it looks like
      this is a very easy (conservative) 10 bagger - if not more.

      I like big winners - what can I say :-) (incl. AMZN)

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