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  • davey_j_98 davey_j_98 Apr 20, 1998 7:00 PM Flag

    Truly Cheap Internet Stock

    Was listening to the radio stock talk
    show hyping Venture Tech (vteh)
    as an internet play. VTEH is all set
    to open it's e-casino page for gambling
    on the internet. Only one problem - it's

    Sure fooled me cause I thought buying
    AMZN near $100 a share was as close to
    gambling on the internet as there was.

    Venture Tech has a web page:

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    • Phillip Roth, chief technical analyst at Morgan Stanley had this to say on ''

      >>>"And what of the Internet stocks, whose astonishing advance has investors
      quaking even as they rejoice at their gains (as noted in a
      story today)? Despite their new-fangled pedigree, Roth said, they're an old

      "In a bull market there's almost always a conceptual group, a group that
      doesn't make any sense based on fundamentals but is trading on future
      potential," he said. "They can't disappoint, because they don't have any
      earnings to miss. In a bear market they'll get annihilated, because the
      earnings will start to matter." Until then, he said, Net stocks are a play
      only for the most disciplined and careful of investors.<<<"

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