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  • NetWorkFox NetWorkFox Apr 23, 1998 2:14 PM Flag


    THIS could still not be the REAL THING rembember this MONSTER
    has NO FLOAT and it can turn UP if they SQUEEZE the SHORTS !!
    This stock could be at 100 next week if they announce a split!!


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    • I am making a ton of money in my puts and I have enjoyed watching the longs make their arguments as to why this stock would
      not do anything but go up. I just read your statement about a split and the stock going to 100 next week and I realize that I no
      longer enjoy it as I know that you are losing alot of $$ and will suffer as this thing goes down another 20-30 points. Please take
      another look at what is happening as a result of this mania and act with your brain and not emotion and let go of this thing before
      it is too late. good luck.

    • <>>>> rembember this MONSTER
      has NO FLOAT and it can turn UP if they SQUEEZE the SHORTS !! <<<<<

      Nope, wrong there......the float is now over 11 million shares and growing...insiders and institutions have dumped and the
      days to cover the short position has benn reduced to 4 from 9 over the last 3 short squeeze left in this one,
      especially with the loss of momentum players on the are on board the titanic and refuse to believe it is sinking, just
      like in the movie. AMZN real value if broken down and assesed 300 million $ for brand name is 9$....we will be in the teens by
      December....bookmark this post........;^)

    • No Board exercising fiduciary responsibility would dare split this stock. Result could too easily be a stock trading under 10 dollars per share.

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