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  • tracemc tracemc Dec 22, 1998 11:21 PM Flag

    Blackjack, Atomic, & Sonny-sorry about l

    You guys just don't get it do you? It is obvious
    by your postings that you understand the concept of
    short and long to market valuations of a stock(you are
    all obviously short)

    But what you obviously
    don't understand is to play the momentum of a stock in
    the direction it is going. I have been an investment
    advisor and broker for almost 10 years now and I have
    seen alot of money made and lost by people playing the
    right way and wrong way on stocks, both short and long.

    The funniest thing about the current net rage is
    something touched on earlier this week, and I
    watched it in person for the last 10 years. That is how
    these small companies are overvalued in the late 80's
    and early 90's and couldn't possibly keep growing and
    supporting the astronomical PE's they had. You are probably
    familiar with MSFT and DELL.

    These companies
    maintained triple digit yearly growth in revenues and
    earnings and still today 10 years later are still posting
    50% and better year over year growth. The internets
    have the possibility of hitting 4 digit growth in some
    cases and of course the growth will slow, but don't be
    on the wrong side of something that still has 5-7
    years of phenomonal growth left.

    If you want to
    short look at the companies that will be having trouble
    6 months down the road attracting business. I asure
    you that doesn't include many of these net stocks. Do
    yourself a favor and try the long side on some stocks, it
    is where you will make the money in the next 10

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    • Sheer brilliance.


      Subj: You technical???
      By: sonny_stimple
      Date: 12/23/98 01:39 am


      The reason they don't build their own web sites is they're as technically illiterate as you. The insiders have bilked you ut of your money. You probably bought in at $300 and are looking at 90% of your money disappearing in a few weeks. And you won't sell. It will drop further and you still won't sell. LOL

      You just can't see that it's glorified telemarketing. I can. Your paper profits are vapor. My short sale money is hard cash in my account.

    • are the top people at AMZN besides the CEO?

    • It's a, "Personal Event"
      Don't Ya know we
      have had a "Paradigm Shift" or a Paradigim
      or a Paradyme shift, or however you spell it.

      See, Now I am starting to, "get it"

      I am going
      to buy a 1000 shares of Amazon .
      When it goes up
      to 1,200 dollars a share by the new year (cause then
      it will have the same price to sales ratio of EBAY,
      another internet Blue Chip stock in the

      On January 4th I going to sell all of it and take my
      profits. That way I won't have to pay a lot of capital
      gains tax in 98 (I know i am ahead of the curve on this

      I am going to take all of that profit and
      join the church of Scientology. A lot of other Amazon
      stockholders are probably already members.

      The only
      thing I haven't figured out is how to get my two " free
      Well maybe I don't have it all down yet, but
      you have to admit, I am learning!

    • These companies traditionally do not have the net
      know-how to expand. However, I bet that you'll see some
      stealing of staff and that will change. I also think that
      these companies have the capital INSIDE THE COMPANY to
      adjust to capital requirements which will come. Internet
      speed standards have risen quite a bit over the past
      few years, but they will still improve and change.
      AMZN will have to go to the market for more capital to
      keep up.

    • you better cover that short today. RTQ 330 1/2

    • Already exist with enough cash on hand to put a website up. And perhaps change their name. Walmart.Com, Gap.Com, Sears.Com
      How better to boost your share price.

    • Didn't Schwab spearhead a restriction on on-line
      trading for new IPOs? This actually gives some barrier to
      entry to existing internet sites. Personally, I have
      taken a put position for AMZN because I truly believe
      that investor money will run out, but it could stay
      high for awhile.

    • Playboy does that know and their stock has never had any huge runups ever.

    • We may have stumbled onto an opportunity - a
      publicly traded porn website company. From a business
      point of view, makes sense. It could be called
      SexySite.Com. What a splash that would make. The stock analysts
      could point to the enormous market for porn. It would
      probably run up on the first day of trading.

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