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  • djtherex djtherex Dec 23, 1998 9:53 PM Flag

    CMPL to be the next MZON!!!!!!!!

    A recent internet IPO bookseller with extremely
    small float of 3 million shares!!! Could be very strong
    tomorrow!!!! Also 2 recent BUY ratings! Get in on the open!
    don't miss this one! It is just starting to move so
    there is no downside risk!!! jmo

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    • What is the preoccupation with booksellers?
      Bookstores have never made much money. You people really
      need shut off our computer and go outside.

      bottom is going to fall from these worthless internet
      stocks. There is no value at all.

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      • stop jacking off on hot air; the bubble is
        bursting soon; quality surplusdirect
        companies will rise in
        the end.

      • I do not agree that there is no value at all in
        these internet stocks. AMZN, YHOO, Ebay, AOL are all
        good companies.
        But the problem is that their
        valuations are sky high, and
        just like the Tulips,
        railroads and more recently bio-techs,
        these will
        eventually come back to earth.

        spending in Feb - April 99 will eat into web ad spending,
        and web shopping.
        2.Q1 99 revenues will decline
        once XMas shopping/spending is over
        3.Retainling is
        seasonal, and the WEb has not been so far
        4.Novelty of
        the web would have been worn off - how many times
        have u bought something on-line, just to check it out,
        and not really needed it. Its great for fun &
        novelty, but will not continue for ever. You will buy only
        what you need.
        5.Oversupply of internet stocks frmo
        the IPO boom - a shortage of supply has been a
        primary reason for the surge in prices.
        spending boom will return attention to companies with

        I am not
        disputing that these stocks may reach even greater heights.
        But that will be after Earnings, and growth are
        But I would make a call of 225 for AMZN, 150 for
        150 (yes less than half) for Ebay ALL BEFORE March
        31, 99.

        See the incisive TSC article re : New
        Year, and what we can expect @
        for more details.

      • You're correct, and sooner, rather than later,
        IMHO. This thing gets heavier every day. I wonder why
        it didn't go up today ? The overall stock market, as
        well as, several internet stocks were up, yet this one
        seemed to drift lower, except for a couple of bursts to
        the upside. Looks to me like the upside momentum is

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