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  • aNewHandle aNewHandle Jan 3, 1999 11:33 AM Flag

    Sonny's Short Will BE History - When AMZ

    >You must be so embarrassed about yours that
    you need to create a new handle just to post more

    Folks, Sonny thinks its okay to post his PATHETIC
    as long as he does so under the OLD handle he HIDES

    >BTW, most of my holdings are high tech

    What a-aa-aa-aaaa GENIUS! Folks. A tech stock picking
    Genius is what we got here. A failed programmer ludite
    (excuse the oxymoron, but that is what he "appears" to
    be). A YK2 project drone. So what was your Genius pick
    of the Millenium?

    So let me ventue a guess,
    were you the famous Sonny who discovered, who first
    revealed to the world, CSCO?

    >You simply have no
    understanding of technology.

    (Not so.) But anyway
    assuming you seem to have revealed a slight inkling of
    perception on Old Tech issues let us

    >amzn is a retailer/telemarketer akin to qvc or the
    home shopping network.

    "Akin" my, my, Genius
    boy does know how to bandy about the good old
    lawyer-ese. Bravo, Genuis, braaaa-vo! (Aplause)

    hum. Where was I, now. Yes. More of your sophomoric
    word games. Internet is a hybrid term. But software
    drones heads burried in code all day and all night, they
    just don't know what to make of the Internet. Things
    are just whizing on by too fast for their puny IQs
    (you are the exception, please, we all know of your
    brillaint marketing timing). Internet is technology enabled
    and that is about the limit, High Tech Boy, as
    narrowly possesive as you would like be about it. Yes, to
    be a techie, that is the bane of the Internet Era,
    to be left in the dust as one of the forgotten, like
    the pan sellers of the Gold Rush.

    I do feel
    for you, Genius.

    >You must be a
    Did you whip that off one of your slick HIGH, yes
    folks he said, it, he's ever so proud of the fact, HIGH
    TECH wizardry macro.
    Folks, interpretation: Genius
    boy's special definition is anyone unfamiliar with the
    word games and number games he tries to foist on the
    public. It means new and unacustom to his sinister

    >that bought into the hype...
    Hmmm... So it is okay
    for these poor folks to buy into your negative hypes
    (that exagerate beyond the positive hype by a factor of
    pie to an expotential eight factorial)? Hype is hype
    ma boy-- sorry I mean your

    >and can't understand why anyone would actually
    research a company before investing.

    Folks, what
    Genius means here is that he can't understand why anyone
    would take exception to his uncountable and blatant
    attempts to manipulate others the others, to harrass them
    in effect. All becasue of his blind (well he might
    have taken a quick glance at the stock chart, let's
    give him that) leap into the path of this steaming

    But, alas, so bored with his mutual funds, fund owners
    notorious for their lassitude when it comes to doing
    research, he just had to get away from the cadenza to
    stretch his Genius legs and now finds himself caught,
    like a befuddled deer, eyes aglow in the on coming
    light of this speeding train.

    >You are a
    Oh, yes, folks, a Motely one, at that, I suppose. But
    only a Genius could plunk that one down from his macro

    Readers of the board will decide who is the fool. But one
    thing is sure. The more you continue to post your
    misinformation post here, the higher the stock price will go, my
    Genius friend.

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    • sweatshop.

      Amzn employees will attest to
      this fact.

      Please hold onto your shares

      Demonstrate courage in the line of battle and
      disaster., Inc.

      What's the inc. stand for?

      or black?

      This baby is pouring heavy red

      Keep it flowing!

      Red is my favorite color.

    • yhoo earnings and split next week will rocket amazon..;yhoo expected to blow away will follow..

    • I read you pathetic post. You need a rest, therapy, a Valium or Prozac. Maybe just a long vacation.

    • Enjoy the golf, then. And may AMZN's force be with you!

    • is a totally meaningless number. It's just
      accounting smoke and mirrors and has little to do with net
      earnings, which by the way costs the company ~$10M each
      month. They have insufficient cash to make it through
      the next couple of years, and if you really read the
      filings, they have huge debt due in 2008. Of course, they
      won't be around so it really doesn't matter.

    • company utilizes T1 connections with
      other divisions.
      Amazons gross profit was 23% in 3rd
      qtr. 98(this is the revenue of what they sold - the
      cost to buy it divided by the total revenue)....this
      is low compared to my company but if sales were $300
      million in the 4th qtr. then the gross profit would be
      $69 million.

      Dont get excited because all of
      the other costs(administrative, warehouse etc) would
      have to be subtracted. Look at the 10k filings to see
      what you think.

    • to be fun having a literate long coming up with
      apologies and excuses when he learns the lessons that us
      'fundamentalists' learned years ago. Do you think he'll still be

      You youngsters would do well to listen to your more
      experienced and much wiser elders. You can still correct your
      mistake before this corrects/crashes. But you'd better
      hustle to the exits now. If you want a speculative play
      try brcm, but at current levels it's a bit

    • I suggest you revisit Amazons humble beginnings
      to see what they started with. I doubt that it was a
      5,000 server. It was just marketing, friend. Brilliant
      marketing, but believe me, the internet is wide open , and
      there will be many more savy retailers.

    • "What are you smoking?"
      Non-smoker here, Mike.
      All us naive AMZN investors, we're all from the
      NON-SMOKER generation.

      "I've spent years studying
      that stuff."

      What can I say, Mike. So many
      precious years wasted years, there. Learn to relax and
      enjoy life. Like so many who have done well with

      But all that wasted time, that is exactly the point.
      Too many numbers sommersaults, just makes Jack (or
      Mike, sorry), potentially, a and mediocre dull
      investor. Get you dizzy with meaningless

      "It is a fact that the vast majority of pension funds
      and insurance companies
      use what you call an
      antiquated investment model. It is core material in the CFA

      So what are you saying here, Mike, that the big
      pension funds oughtn't to invest in AMZN?
      Gee, Mike,
      that seems to make some sense. Let the passive penison
      funds and the indexes do as they wish. Individual
      investors, their due dilligence is invest with just that
      dilligence, as they see fit, not necessarily according to
      some kind of Fundamentals Cabal.

      "Take a guess
      who controls most of the money
      that goes into the

      Alan Greenspan?

      No. Seriously, Mike. You (I
      hope if you elect to come along with us) and I and
      people on the Net like us, everybody, we will, not just
      in the U.S., but globally. No fees, too. The MMs
      will be begging for the flow.

      "The only thing I
      agree with is that it is not AMZN's job to justify
      their market cap."

      Actually, not to (hopeless)
      Sonny, but to the audience on the board, here, that is
      the only real point I wanted to make. That you don't
      have let Sonny twist your arm to jump on that rickety
      Fundamentalist bandwagon.

      "History says that you will
      lose." <WRONG!>

      No, History says, I think
      we if we tally things, that you and Sonny are the
      who ARE losing. Lose big time. Isn't that so of your
      present position as things stand now.

      I'm just
      being rhetorical here. But no, what the warped
      fundamentalist revision of what the future might hold does say
      one thing. But all REAL history has to say is

      'Let's see what tomorrow brings us, my friend. Let's
      just see....'

      Or: 'It ain't over till the Sonny
      Boy squeals'...

      "True, it may be different
      this time..."

      A slight hint of doubt from a
      Fundamentalist. Good, Mike. A tad of healty skepticsm is always a
      healty sign. But Sonny will punish you for this
      un-bearish slip, you realize!

      "but I personally
      wouldn't risk any money I couldn't afford"

      fundamentalism is no sure guarantee of future gains, my friend.
      But fundamentalism is certainly a recipe for
      mediocrity. Investors who reject Mutual Fund passivity, and
      their numbers are growing all the time, all that time
      fundamentalists spend fussing with the nubmer game, want to chose
      in their own way. Weighing the risks, and balancing
      their portflios as they seem fit. And rigid
      fundamentalism, and all its tired advocates, will not stop them
      from including it in some part of their "S&P Index
      (was going to say fundamentalist, but the Mutual Funds
      you say who base everything on this tired concept
      seem to under perform the S&P consistently ) beating
      game plan."

    • Retail sales such as groceries have a margin of
      1% or 2%. Books and CDs aren't much higher. A well
      run retailer can make a minimal profit in the
      business. I suggest you review Borders or Barnes and Nobel.
      Or even BAMM.

      I guess you don't choose fish.
      I'm sure there are equally poor items, but none can
      conjure the true emotions of disgust of rotting fish.

      Congratulations on being in at $165. But that as no bearing on
      the current price. I'm sure you'll be mildly
      disappointed if you end up selling at $175 ($58), which could
      be as near as next week.

      My business was
      software for network system associated with the T1
      connections to the internet backbone. Actually, it was rather

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