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  • nx455 nx455 Jul 23, 1999 9:28 PM Flag

    I expect a short term pop Monday moring

    .....carried on from today's close....

    This will be easy pickings to short into!!!

    There is an endless supply of idiots who keep filling the wallets of short traders!

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    • CGCO(used to be CGCOC) was a stock that was
      halted for over 3 months for public interest concerns,
      starting on Feb. 1, 1999. CGCOC eventually got delisted
      from Nasdaq and the company changed the symbol. Now
      trades as a bulletin board stock in the OTC market. Do
      you due diligence on this one because a lot of people
      got burned on this one on the first go-around.

    • rightline split report

      Amazon (AMZN) - AMZN slid lower on Monday, after
      receiving another negative mention in Barron's over the
      weekend. Tuesday, AMZN lost an additional 4.94 and closed
      at 101, and now sits below its 200 DMA located at
      102. Investors and analysts are concerned that
      Amazon's losses are widening as its expenses increase and
      its revenue growth rate slows, according to Barron's.
      AMZN looks like a good short candidate on a solid move
      under 100. The next support on the stock is down near
      the 90 level. We may not reach our entry points right
      however, be sure to keep it on your watch
      list for the rest of the week. Optionable.

    • will be second internet stock added

      we will rockkkkkkk

    • Should AMZN BE INCLUDED?

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    • <EOM>


      won't see the 40's again. It's 60+ from now on. CTIX is
      making headlines at every news organization and when
      newbies start doing their research and see how
      undervalued CTIX is compared to the rest of the internets
      they will be putting their buys in for the open

      Get in while you can for this "classic"
      internet run!


      At least 10 is on the
      table tomorrow for the early birds.

    • there will be a nasty net selloff soon! (if we
      are not already in the midst of one) -- its way toooo
      early in the quarterly cycle for the nets to be this
      low. gut tells me we will fall below the june lows by
      at least 20% -- watch out below -- hardest to fall
      amzn, ebay, dclk, aol, yhoo

    • I rode it from 107 to 119 a few weeks ago. OK. I
      was happy. Then, I lost half of that profit in a
      timing-blunder, on BWEB. Ugh.

      Went long QWST @ 34.68, and,
      again @ 32. Big. I'm Keeping those positions for quite
      a while. Years.

      Just thought I'd let people
      know what my positions have been.

      As I am
      consistently Negative on AMZN, it is amusing to me that my
      one, short entry into the issue should be a profit
      from a long position.

      Good night.

    • I think it simply boils down to momemtum. All the
      nets showed strength at the end of the trading day -
      shorts sold for their penny profits (needed money for
      their Mickey D lunches this weekend) and went flat for
      the weekend. Monday, after people realize Greenspan
      said nothing new will be into the nets with a
      vengeance! I'd look for a big spike on the top tiers.

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