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    SHORTS REMIND ME OF DISGRUNTLED PROBLEM know the ones...always saying how
    stupid the boss is...the company has no future...they
    could run it better than the
    owner...etc.etc..well...guess what? I bet your company is still there...and
    things are going well...and those disgruntled problem
    employees have moved on to ruin another work environment..

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    • Thanks for input. I agree with you that careless
      use of data can blow up the lab ( my money !). I try
      to use the data from the good posts: yours,
      bull/bears, ox/bull, purple, franny, simple,madonna and
      others to make a decision.

      In summary,if we
      share inputs and respect others, we all can benefit
      from amzn...both ways.

    • fake charts is quite easy. Chemist Coop, with
      guys like Sonny on your team, then hardly in need of
      enemies, since your lab will simply be blown to
      smithereens using his woefully inaccurate misinformation. His
      charts are the opposite of precise. He uses the one
      point two est. made, but hence REVISED, SEVERAL months

      Now here is precision (revised '99 fig. comes fr.

      '98: 609,996,000
      '99: 1,430,000,000

      Therefore, short-nik hyped 37.7% 'error' for annual growth
      by Son is hardly the picture of precision and it is
      just going keep getting worse for him. (Now you
      understand why he was forced to retire, don't

      What's more is that just about every quarter revenues
      get revised upwards. Therefore, I would not be
      surprised to see over $1.5BM (my own est. is 1.55BM) by
      year end in actual est. beating revenues

      So Son's misleading imprecision may see an error
      factor of very near 57.4% by Dec. 31. Just what kind of
      reckless lab are you mad scientists running?

    • Congrats. I'm not a chess player, but it seems
      that Chess...was roundly trounced. Piscine, welcome to
      the lunitic fringe. I'm a lurker that only tries to
      correct factual discrepencies by misinformed posters. Hey
      pj welcome back.

    • check it out good luck

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    • <<6.f4 fxe5 7.dxe5 does not look too

      We thought this line was at least OK for White
      because the Nc6 impedes Black's natural ...c5 &
      eliminates the d4 pawn, Black's target. But we missed the
      strength of 7...d4! (Fritz), when Black looks at least
      slightly better in the forced tactical liquidation &
      perhaps simply winning.

      We looked at 6.f4 Nh6 7.g3
      O-O 8.Bg2 Bd7 9.O-O Nf5, and now the strange-looking
      10.Na4!? (idea 10...Nxe5? 11.c3) with an edge for White.
      But the above line makes this one

      Are you also ChessStar on ICC? If so, I am prepared
      to eat a large piece of humble pie.

      But I'm
      still planning to ride out the probable AMZN
      mini-squeeze tomorrow a.m.....

    • will we open at
      it looks up
      amzn trading at 125
      in japan

      oh man my wife is gonna
      kill me

    • idiot loser. you have a lower IQ than average as evidenced by yuor idiotic posts.

    • First, coming on with an insult, then "I'd love
      to get your chuckle". A charachter you are. Manners,
      Not all chess players are alike, don't jump to
      conclusions, I am pretty sure I can afford any thing you have.
      You are asking about opinion on complex opening line.
      Giving quick opinions is something wannabe chessplayer
      Sonny is good at.
      I would need a bit of time to look
      at this move. Here are couple of thoughts off the
      top. As I wrote before, I am not high on 4.Nge2 and it
      may well be 4...Nc6 leads to an equal game. So does
      4...dxe4. I doubt 5.e5 is so great. After 5...f6 6.exf6
      Nxf6 Black looks very good. 6.f4 fxe5 7.dxe5 does not
      look too appealing. If 7.fxe5, then 7...Qh4+ 8.g3 Qe4
      9.Rg1 Nge7 10.Bg2 Qg4 11.h3 Qh5 appear fine for Black
      as well. I do not have a board by me, but it would
      take a lot of effort to refute 4...Nc6, if possible at

    • <<4...dxe4 5.a3 Bxc3+ 6.Nxc3 Nc6 7.Bb5 Nge7
      8.Bg5 f6 9.Be3 0-0 is considered the best for Black in
      this variation. >>

      Glad to know that an
      AMZN long can still afford a copy of ECO. I'll pass
      your advice along to future GM Patrick Hummel and IM &
      French Defense theoretician John Watson. Maybe they'll
      stop playing/recommending 4...Nc6 5.a3 Ba5 as a

      Incidentally, I discussed this very variation with a 2350-rated
      National Master last night. We came to the _tentative_
      conclusion that Black _does_ have problems in the 4...Nc6
      line, but the critical path is hard to find. Of course,
      we had to think for ourselves, as both opening
      references and Fritz are of limited value. I'd love to get
      your--chuckle--almost-2600 opinion on this.

      "Obviously, the line with
      4...Nc6 has not been tested sufficiently to reach any
      conclusions; thus far, that is to its advantage." (Watson,
      _Play the French_, 2nd ed., p. 131)

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