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  • scctech48 scctech48 Aug 9, 1999 8:28 AM Flag

    already bid up 3 points

    couls see 100's today

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    • nemesis_editors_mom_is_a_slut nemesis_editors_mom_is_a_slut Dec 30, 2000 6:27 PM Flag

      for AMZN:

      heco102:Way Over Valued
      Nemesis_editor 8/9/99 4:04 pm
      Msg: 140782 of 316594

      is eBay if you compare on a price to sales

      Last time I checked aBay was at 100 times sales. What
      is it today? About 90?

      Amazon around 13.

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    • AMZN, and EBAY. RNWK should do a gapper down
      tomorrow. I think the news today for RNWK kept it from it's
      full potential of downward movement, but when the
      stock does not rally again, we should see strong
      selling preassure. I honestly don't see the excitement
      these longs have over a company that gives it's
      software away free on the internet, but, hey, it takes all
      kinds I guess. Out of all three, I believe EBAY is the
      biggest nobrainer short, w/pe of over 8,000. Got 4 points
      on it today, with 3 3/16 on AMZN. I feel real safe
      with these positions for several more days. Good luck

    • buying shares in the new Jacob Internet Fund at
      scale-in amounts ($ 2500 minimum) than trying to select
      any one Internet play. The true believers in the AMZN
      model will be proven just as wrong as I was in not
      believing it could rise to its previous heights. Now I am
      on the right side. At some point, I want to be long
      'Nets, but not this one. No e-tailers for me.

    • not as wealthy as Madonna's Housekeeper!! I mean
      she must pay you a coupla hundred grand a month just
      to keep the place tidy. <g> (this by the way
      means grin).

      I have plans to buy stuff this
      year, a new car and a huge christmas for my family
      considering I was scrooge last christmas.

      It will be
      interesting to see. I still think you can not compare the
      Japanese society to American society when it comes to

    • Sorry. I don't buy it.

      Look at Japan,
      they got so sick and tired of "Consuming" over an 8-10
      year period, that
      They finally barfed, threw-up,
      put the credit-cards in the desk drawer, and took a

      Eventually, Consumer spending slows, that's just
      a fact.

      I drive down the highway and
      there's not a single, godamn, old car in sight.

      The highway looks like a GD Auto Showroom.

      So, sorry. Americans have aquired most of the "stuff"
      they need for now.


      OK: Then
      please, someone tell us here all the "Stuff" they plan to
      buy, between now and the end of the year.

      Frankly, I'm about to barf all over myself with all the
      crap we've got in this house.

      Hey! I'm not
      gonna "Buy" anymore stuff for another 6-8 months,

      Does my life need MORE material goods? Does

    • all retailer all eating dust. Good candidates for short term shorts.

    • Or what?

      As I mentioned before, I truly
      beleive--out of no sense of malice or giddy pleasure--that the
      discussion here
      can move, and perhaps has already moved,
      into the Endgame phase--how, exactly it will end for

      When I see nemmy's posts now--I no longer read
      them--all the "future" stuff is just

      It's no longer a matter of disagreeing.

      General has 3X the sales of AMZN.
      Safeway has 26X the
      sales of AMZN.

      I don't want these, or any other
      Retail Stock--including AMZN.

      Who in the hell is
      going to buy ANY retailer these days?

      I beleive
      Retail is going to go through a very, very, very tough

    • It will happen ....

      It has to. The
      internet is here to stay and Amazon will prevail. It has a
      lot more up its sleeve.

      We are on the verge of
      the amazing. All big companies are lining up.
      Everyone wants a piece of the action ... all model Amazon
      . Remember .. Amazon was the first to call itself a
      dot com. Now ... everyone does it.

      Keep the
      faith .. folks ... AMAZON will rise .... to even higher
      highs. It is just a matter of time.

    • This is why us bears differ from you bulls: the
      excitement of a new medium of doing business has created
      expectations of further acceleration in growth (eventually
      profits), when the end user, the consumer is ultimately the
      beneficiary of the Internet. There are and will be very few
      profitable companies, certainly none of them capable of
      justifying TODAY'S (I am not saying 3 or 4 years from now)
      prices. We have seen an historic asset bubble which will
      not approach the old highs for years to come. The
      'ZON is the most suspect of the lot; EBay is my next
      favorite short, incidentally. I don't actually short; I
      buy puts.

    • I bought right after the Takeover Car Crash was
      first announced, figuring I'd hit max

      Huh. That was at 34.

      Loaded up more at
      32--hey--was feeling really good!


      Any commment s are appreciated.

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