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  • thehousethatamznbuilt thehousethatamznbuilt Aug 15, 1999 9:16 PM Flag

    vanilla_scrotum, Are you related to

    know a lot of
    Institutional money managers that are goig to dump AMZN this
    Tell us more, please and names if you have


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    • Putting your various comments together, I gather
      that if AMZN tests 114 but doesn't break through,
      you'll most likely sell all your calls and buy 115 puts.
      Granted, that's an extremely simplified view--but is it
      more or less accurate?



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      • Jim,

        Yes, after we print 100 tommorrow,
        there is no resistance until 114 on a P&F chart, which
        measures supply & demand for the stock.
        This doesn't
        mean that it will go straight to 114. What it means is
        that, supply is tightening and demand is picking up.
        Those short below 100 will be thinking long and hard.
        Is this rally real? what about the 2-1

        If there is good demand above 100, a lot of the 15.3
        million short shares could get very religious very
        quickly and cover some of it, there by popping it to the
        114 area.

        This is what happened last Nov-Dec,
        again in Jan, and once more in April. The reverse
        happened after the Q1 report, just as with eBay, AOL, YHOO
        and the like. Supply was very heavy and rightl so,
        the stock ran from 42(split adjusted) to 221 in a
        very short period of time.

        Be nimble and watch
        the DOT index and the market too when deciding when
        to buy or sell.

        Also watch tommorrows volume,
        this market needs 2 days over 1 billion shares traded
        to make this rally real.


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