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  • BunyipJim BunyipJim Sep 13, 1999 9:56 AM Flag

    MKT down, VOL Down, folks NOT dumping?

    ...Average trade size is normally over 1k during
    the first 10 minutes of the day, then gradually
    decreases. Today it was under 600 at 9:37. Which means that
    any "dumping" is being done by small-timers. Sell
    orders on the Island (link below) normally outnumber buy
    orders 2:1. At this moment, they're about equal. Looks
    like the stock should be headed back up

    The Island, by the way, is free and you don't have to
    sign up.

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    • thehousethatamznbuilt thehousethatamznbuilt Sep 13, 1999 10:30 AM Flag

      Welcome back!
      Next buy signal on AMZN is
      After that 71, where I do expect some resistance unless
      their is massive short covering above the 71
      You are right, in that there are no big boys selling
      If the DOT index gets some legs today, we'll see a
      rally in AMZN.

      Good Luck Jim,


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      • where do you derive you're buy and sell signals? Thanks for the info. brigand

      • Thanks. I've never yet lost money listening to you. Your tips are much appreciated.

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