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  • Gregg_Gerow Gregg_Gerow Sep 29, 1999 10:05 AM Flag

    Hey stcg_marketcrash!!! You turd!!!

    You just got the chain yanked on you and your like a turd in the toilet...going down, down, down....into the ground....IDIOT!!!!

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    • eom

    • I bought 40 contracts of JAN 100 CALL Option last
      tuesday at $1.875 (4000 x $1.875 = $7,500). Today it's
      4000 x $7.5 = $30,000. Hoping tomorrow it goes to $100
      then I am cashing out with 4000 x $12 = $48,000. Easy
      $40,500 in less than two weeks.
      I love this country
      HA HA HA HA HA......................

    • <EOM>

    • ever. Just face it, Bezos is the King, not Elvis.
      If you read what happened today with Amazon, this is
      a "New" way for e commerce and it is not the same
      as Yhoo and IMAL. Read between the lines and you
      will see that anyone, including commercial retailers
      can sell inexpensively (compared to up front
      advertisement cost which are extemely high) to over 12 million
      (and growing) consumers. By the way, if we go with
      your premise that yhoo and imal already are doing this
      same e commerce selling, why didn't they ever promote
      it? It definately will be their lost, won't it?

    • The best part of this latest development is that
      other companies will copy the idea.

      Virtual malls - in the U.S. - Amazon, AT&T, Berkshire
      Hathaway, Fidelity, General Motors (or some type of auto
      mall), Gerber, Hasbro, La-Z-Boy, Macy's, Microsoft,
      NPhilTrader, On Stage, Paine Webber, Safeway, Seven-Eleven,

      ... each with their own stores made up of companies
      that fit the mall's niche. I can already hear comments
      like "Did you see the latest for toddlers at the
      Gerber mall?" or "Saturn has just invented a car with
      eleven doors - see it at the GM mall!"

      Then, the
      real advantage of the internet will follow -
      international. Imagine, taking a look at the Nestle mall in
      Sweden just to get some of your favorite, hard to find
      beverages or popping into Presidential Life in the UK to
      see if they can insure you for less than you pay
      right now.

      All that is required is the
      infrastructure (read: software) to get this off the ground. This
      will be expensive and a massive effort, but is
      achievable. Look, for example, at the array of information
      available today on the internet, largely furnished from
      people's time and energy, with hardly any being done for

      Unfortunately for most companies that want to pave the way,
      there is probably more value for second-comers here
      than for trailblazers.


    • I think we all got the picture from your numerous
      screaming posts:

      1) Almost all the brokers were
      saying buy AMZN.

      2) You, like a dummy, went short

      3) Now you are in a super squeeze and you gotta do
      everything you possibly can to get people to dump

      Dream on.....the fall run up is just starting. There
      will be ups and downs but no question that AMZN will
      be way higher by year end.

      Shorting AMZN in
      the fall is like trying to put a fire out by pouring
      gas on it.

    • PLUS 6 AT THE OPEN>>>ggg...<<<

    • when Amzn makes profit. As you continue to question Amazon for the past few years (Yawn,yawn), several thousand of us investor's have been profiting dearly! Wake up boy!


      ... then most of us current longs would still be well
      ahead. OTOH you may be wrong. The public may be inurred
      enough to the losses that the higher revenues (even
      growing at a slower pace) may actually push it higher. Or
      at least hold steady. Then comes Christmas. Under
      your view of the downside risk, still looks like a
      good bet to stay long.

      BTW I think you're
      drastically _underestimating_ the downside. This dog could go
      to $40 anytime. I'd LOVE to see an opportunity to
      switch to short again for one last cycle before my
      Christmas long, but we're running out of time.

    • Buy in now or get out of the way. Nobody cares about you little
      "mini-series". Dump the crap out of your "shorts", wipe real
      good and get on board the train. $100 by Thanksgiving!

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