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  • a_casablanca a_casablanca Oct 4, 1999 12:08 AM Flag

    thousand's off z-shops will sell ..

    owest in the
    group (aol and yahoo are 3 times more expensive), amzn
    has room to grow.

    check also out mqst- this
    will be a wireless killer app- the have allready
    contracts with nokia,sprint, 3com... check the latest news.
    this one is hot

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    • <<<Amazon planned to announce Monday it
      will become one of the first e-commerce companies to
      sell its products through new wireless devices. The
      move is timed to coincide with this week's nationwide
      release of 3Com Corp.'s new Palm VII, a hand-held
      computer that will provide wireless Internet access to
      allow users to read e-mail, shop and browse popular Web

      "Last week, we announced our new zSHOPS,
      which was about anything. This is about anywhere," said
      Warren Adams, an Amazon executive who lead the 'Amazon
      Anywhere' initiative. "Now our customers can have their
      shopping mall in their pockets instead of having to be at
      their desktop."

      However, the Palm VII is a bit
      pricey. It will cost $499 under a $100 price cut
      effective Monday. And users must sign up for Palm's
      Internet service provider, which costs about $10
      a month. Heavy users of the service would pay more
      � as much as $100 a month.

      The Palm VII
      reformats Web pages to fit the smaller screen using a
      technology known as Web clipping that limits the content
      somewhat. Still, Web sites as diverse as the sports site,, package deliver United Parcel
      Service and the online brokerage ETrade Group Inc. have
      signed on to provide content to the new Palm organizers.

      Amazon's application on the Palm VII also will allow
      people to check on the status of auction items, although
      they will not be able to bid in the first version.
      zSHOPS also will not be available in the first

      Is AMZN selling stock or books? Why does an AMZN
      exec say, "Now our customers can have their shopping
      mall in their pockets instead of having to be at their
      desktop." Did he not know that people could not bid on the
      auctions and won't have access to zSHOPS? So I guess if
      you are out on the golf course and suddenly need to
      buy a book, you can have that option for only $500 up
      front and $10 to $100 per month.


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