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  • jenncom jenncom Oct 15, 1999 11:27 AM Flag

    House--don't blind Wanger with reason!

    Thank you for posting that site. I never would
    have stumbled onto it on my own.

    For all of
    Wanger's education, he just doesn't get that it's just as
    risky to short AMZN as it is to be long.



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    • I would love to see the 80's but I don't see any
      positive momentum to carry it...CPI has got to be
      crap....AMZN just broke 74...looks like 71-72 a possibility
      now...Jonesy, maybe the selloff post earnings is happening
      early so after earnings it won't be so bad...(if there
      in line). Opinions??

    • $ 74 is a big test. If it breaks below $ 74... could go to $ 71 or $ 72. We shot to $ 76's then bounced pretty quickly. Overall market is crazy so far...

    • go long on AOL this week, cover Thursday or Friday, and then short AMZN.


    • What a joke! AMZN spent money,time,effort to
      release this "Company Press Release""! They must be
      getting desperate for Press Release topics in order to
      try to spin,spin,spin in the lime light to garner
      favor from
      Monday October 18, 6:04 am Eastern Time
      Company Press
      Release Electronic Greeting Cards Add Free Voice Messages
      With and Introduce
      New Way to Personalize E-cards in Time for Holiday

      Q:C'Mon, how do free voice messages attaches to free
      electronic greeting cards generate revenue and
      A: They don't!

    • I hope you're right

    • >Welcome back. Where have you been? Its been
      interesting on here, Franny arrived last week while it was
      heading down. >

      I can see what your idea of
      civil discourse is! Could you at least tell him to turn
      the CAPS off?

    • >Don't worry about harmless short_dic, as he
      spends his days, niights, and weekends posting here,
      then tries to tell the rest of the posters here that
      they need a life. If he only knew what wonderful lives
      we live<

      Yes, you have a wonderful life
      spent hyping yourself and AMZN.

      Top 3 posters by
      percentage for AMZN


      03.47 thehousethatamznbuilt

      >He posts Q & A's to people after he looks up these
      questions on the web trivaRus site. Then tries to come off
      as an expert. He's a sad product of a certified
      psycho looking for a home on the web.<

      how you never seem to be able to answer any of my

      >His real name is Norman, and is often thought of here
      as Normie Bates from the Hitchcock thriller Psycho.
      He goes ballistic when he is compared the character.
      He really reminds me of the character Michael
      Douglas played in the movie Falling Down. He just snaps
      for no apparent reason. <

      Very vivid
      fantasy world you live in, but I think you need to get
      some new material.

      >Shakespeare literature?
      He wouldn't know it if he read it.<

      Chicago public high-school grad has read 3 more
      Shakespeare plays than you because it's required! At least
      you've learned the standard spelling of his name by now.

    • >...the kind that frequent those seedy Lincoln
      Ave motels.<

      Close, but a drab is a
      prostitute. The full line is from Macbeth delivered by one of
      the Weird Sisters, "finger of birth-strangled babe,
      ditch-delivered by a drab."

      >Speaking of graves: to
      cover or not to cover? <

      "Lay on, Macduff,
      And damned be him that first cries, 'Hold, enough!'"

    • Man do you work for someone or are you in your
      own business? It's a deal where the advertisers pay
      for it. If you were a business which i'm sure your
      not, you would love to be on the card page telling
      people about your product. Advetising is it. and people
      looking at my ad. AMZN is going much higher and earnings
      will beat the street. A great salwman gives people
      what they want. Bezo is very good and he knows people
      want earnings at least better then he talked people
      down to. Look at what MSFT does talk them down then
      supprise them to the up. Then you won't be able to buy the
      stock. If your short good luck if your long enjoy the
      ride. It's a e-ticket ride and at the end you'll feel

    • No revenue and how much expense for another trinket?
      Geez, they even have a guy hired to manage this program.
      Earnings will be ugly.

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