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  • eagles_cool eagles_cool Nov 21, 2000 3:54 PM Flag

    disappointed about amazon


    I visited amazon headquater for an
    recently. I was and am very disappointed about
    Before I went, they arraged the flight and hotel for me,
    but I wondered about whether I
    could rent
    a car
    from the airport to the hotel, so I sent
    them an
    email and asked about it, there's no
    response at
    Well, I finally rent a car anyway, but I
    was told
    that they could pay for cab but not
    renting a
    Ok, all right!
    I have to say I felt like the
    employees at amazon pretty silly, and they always talked
    about changing history etc. It makes you think that
    their company is much better than microsoft, IBM, sun
    etc. But one of them
    finally asked me " Do you
    think we are a retail
    company or a technology
    company?" What a joke!
    I told him "honestly, I think
    amazon is a retail company since most of your
    are generated from retailing, but I know there
    a lot of technology involoed, and that's why
    am there for this interview".
    And five person
    interviewed with me, I think
    I did pretty good in the
    interview and expected
    an offer from amazon.
    said they will give me a message in 2-3
    days no
    matter if an offer would be made to me.
    But two weeks
    passed, they didn't give me any
    infomation, even with
    my two emails inqurying
    my situation.
    Oh, boy,
    at least give me a rejection letter.
    Since I have other good offers in hand (
    microsoft,lucent,...), I really don't care
    about amazon's offer, but
    I am so disappointed
    with them, I sent three
    emails in total to
    the contact person in this
    company. But got
    nothing answered.
    If that's the
    way amazon treats potential
    employees, I wonder
    where their reputation
    for good cutomer service
    comes from.
    The stock options for employees in
    is in general more $50 a share, if the
    price dosen't go up, how many good
    employees will
    stay, I wonder.

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    • Waaaaaaa.Stop crying. Maybe that's why you didn't get a rejection letter. You weren't even worth the paper. Stop crying and move on. Your prof is in demand, go get a job.

    • If you went for a job interview at's
      headquarters in Seattle, you probably know that it's right
      next to Chinatown. During the lunch time, I might even
      have served some of those guys who interviewed you.
      Judging by the way you write and spell, maybe there's
      even a hope for me to get a good job up the hill with But I can't do anything programming,
      though---that's my problem.

    • Your experience is hardly unique. Amazon's HR
      department (they used to call it the "strategic growth"
      department) is and has always been notoriously

      It's not too surprising that Amazon still sees itself
      as a technology company. When they started, there
      was no commercial software available for web-based
      retail, and they had to build everything from scratch.
      Naturally, they saw themselves as pioneers, and perhaps had
      dreams of selling or leasing their platform, or
      patenting parts of it and living large on the licencing.
      Nobody told them that web-based retail is rat

      As to changing the world, well, three years ago, it
      really did look like Amazon was changing the world.
      People who have been in the company since then without
      taking a break to look at the real world don't realize
      that it has overtaken the company.

      It sounds
      like you're a programmer. If so, thank your lucky
      stars that you don't have to work on Amazon's
      codebase-- it was built ad-hoc, with the focus always being
      "we must add this feature now," and it has swollen to
      the point where trying to impose any sort of sane
      software architecture looks impossible.

      employees started leaving early this year before the stock
      reversed direction-- disillusionment is much more powerful
      than financial loss. The collapse of the internet
      bubble only accelerated things.

    • Hopefully your pronunciation with your interviewers was better than your spelling in your posting.

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