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  • wallstcrookbuster wallstcrookbuster Mar 28, 2011 4:01 PM Flag

    You've been short scammed

    That is my guess after reading a few past PRs. A few million shares recently let loose at basically give away price. Be hard to sell those with such a low how about a nice big pop and then just short?? That's what I would do. Naturally my buddy MM will help since he wants in on the action also. Heck, my buudy MM can naked short all he wants..that will do the trick. $7s back to 4s not I still got my shares. Is this easy or what...wait a minute..I don't own those shares...darn..wishful thinking. Wallst is full of crooks.

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    • taking a radiation shower ...

    • Problem with that logic is: nobody is really selling shares either. If there was a substantial short player in this stock, it would also be impossible to cover without shooting the price through the roof. Simply not enough shares in the float for this stock to act rationally on either the long or the short side. And the lack of PR will tend to favor the short side. Way oversold here IMO.

    • you are right on. Good call! Scam! Maybe. I feel bad for anyone that got stuck by this pig!

    • Nobody is shorting this stock. Tons of volume above 6 dollars and tiny volume all the way down here. Simply no more buyers to keep the price up and one or two fearful sellers knock the price down tremendously. Whoever bought those millions of shares in the 6's couldn't sell 100k of them without knocking the price down a couple dollars and losing money. That's what happens when you buy a stock that doesn't trade with much volume. However, I think they bought it for good reason. Time will tell.

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