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  • zackra1925 zackra1925 Sep 30, 2009 7:42 PM Flag


    cary & boxer are craming this cap & trade down are throts .this is not the way to put people to work its totaly none productive and just taxes the hell out of us

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    • I hear what you are saying , but in the big picture oil goes into everything we tuch . and could be the single most important thing the human race has used inthe last 100 years,The political part could move this stock and other stocks faster than anything .that may be why this topic is so popular if you don't like it don't look! but you may be suprised where people get there information and what that information is. zack

    • I am a LINE unitholder. I am embarrased to say that I am not a registered voter any longer and have never voted for president even though I have been eligible to vote in at least the last 8 elections. I log onto this Board to get information on LINE, maybe see what the discourse is between other LINE holders as it relates to the company.
      The message boards do not serve as my sole source of DD, obviously. However I think it may be a good idea if a new topic was started that says something like "OT I like politics and want to talk about it"
      Then people would not have to sort through political back and forth that have not much to do with our company.
      This is just my opinion, and I fully admit I am not very important, but can we keep it on the topic of LINE, if possible?

    • Like in Tora Bora?

    • Good lord. Aside from your distaste for unions (which this liberal shares---again, GASP!), that post was borderline delusional. Besides the fact that it is a "close your eyes and lash out swinging" type of response that has little or nothing to do with what we were talking about, it also addresses nothing but straw man arguments. This is exactly why honest political discourse is dead in this country. Each side tells its own what the other side thinks (because that's easier than listening to opposing views, right?)---but the great thing is, it isn't an accurate or honest depiction---it is a virtual caricature. So instead of working through issues together, like grown adults, we spend time responding to dribble like this.

      Look, virtually EVERY politician--liberal AND conservative--acts in their own self interest--whether it is campaign $$ or the entrenchment their own power. To apply it to one side of the isle and not the other is nothing more than petty (or woefully naive) partisanship.

      If you aren't disgusted by BOTH sides, you aren't paying attention.

      Unless and until this country learns to deal with our issues like rational adults instead of children engaged in a pissing contest---we're going to continue to play THEIR GAME. And in their game, WE LOSE and THEY WIN.

    • don't think W had usamba in the cross hairs and didn't make the call.

    • Yes and now we will be paying union wage to a prison just outside of Chicago (all to bring justice to the terrorist). Sorry forgot it is not pc to call them that anymore. They are detainees. Sick of all the pc! Obama and friends depend on the kindness of the media and the stupor of the public. Wake up America it is all about pay back to the unions.

    • wow there are others out there . and so as not to get off task, that is why this stock and other oil and gas stocks are so good the more they screw the country the less productive we are. AND the more our dollar sinks . so as to also try to screw the rest of the world. but oil is stronger than the dollar, and they raise the price of oil when the dollar falls so they don't get screwed. we are so corrupt .the hard working people of this country are now in the minority .and they are getting screwed BIG TIME . But the rest of the world AINT going to take it no more . there are plays we can make like this one , but i think you have to watch because there looking for any money they can get , remember they have pumped 787 billion$ of tarp money in and another 40% of the 800 billion stimuless money into the economy and it has not worked . they don't have a lot of bullets left , AND THEY JUST DON' GET IT I REALLY HOPE CAP & TRADE IS DEAD BUT THATS JUST ONE LITTLE PEICE... zack

    • I am in amazement at the arrogance of the liberal mind. No government ever created a productive job!! They steal wealth from the productive parts of society and buy votes from their sicophants creating make work. The protected unions collect from their captive membership to return $ to the politicians, the welfare recipients contact Acorn to get multiple rides to different polling stations to vote early and often, and the corporations that recieve bailout money know where their bread and butter come from. The small business man and the productive worker can go pound sand. Ask any truck driver who's put in a 90 hour week to try and get ahead for his family and been taxed as if he were a bank robber. What ever happened to the Sherman Anti Trust act? Liberal Politicians love big business. It's one stop extortion!!

    • no one has the chops to fix healthcare and all congress will do is make a big mess and waste a lot of time . one easey way to fix healthcare is to make every one get ther own like you do with auto insurence .could you imagine .if the goverment and all the big corporations paid there employees auto insurence what a mess we would have and what the cost to the little guy would be .unfortunitly its giong to have to get real bad to get fixed

    • Obama has not done anything re health care except to TELL the Congress to come up with a bill, which is probably the worse thing he could have done. Hundreds of congressman just keep slapping on stupid amendments until we have several thousand pages of nonsense, which we must pay many lawyers to decipher before anyone can make a move. I pray that the Senate has enough sense to vote against this ridiculous mess.

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