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  • bobandtamyg bobandtamyg Oct 5, 2009 6:50 PM Flag



    It is painfully obvious to me that you are as far to the left as Obama.

    I do not have fault with some of the goals that Obama has, I do however have fault in how he wants to achieve those goals.

    For example health care reform: Obama want to ramrod another government mandated program down the throats of the American public in what will be another bureaucracy that will become ever more bloated with each year that passes. The proper way to address the problem is to reform the issues that are a glaring problem, and leave the good parts of the existing system as they are. We need tort reform (there is no in his bill because he refuses to step on the toes of lawyers, of which he is one), there is no provision for people to shop for insurance companies across all state lines which would increase competition either. Instead he proposes to have a "Government" run insurance pool that will use tax financed, government paid bureaucrats to unfairly compete against private insurance companies, with the end goal of putting those private insurance companies out of business so the Government option will be the only option.

    I strenuously oppose any government run systems. The private sector can and will do it efficiently if all barriers to competition are eliminated.

    And just what is Obama's ":big hurry" to get all this stuff rammed thru congress so quickly? I'll tell you why the big hurry. Sooner or later the American electorate will get wise to his evil socialist ways (he is a follower of Sol Alinski and Marx you know) and if Obama waits too long and the public out cry (which is now gaining momentum because the nieve voters are finally beginning to see the light) takes hold and the politicians in Washington realize their jhobs are on the line if they follow Obama's lead, then Obama will loose support by even the likes of his own party members and will have to back off.

    The tide is already turning. The general public is already beginning to realize that this Socialist is bad for our American way of life.

    So my advise to you, my liberal friend, is if you like socialism so much, why don't you move to Europe, where more than 50 cents of every dollar you make will be siphoned off of your paycheck.

    I have a good fiend that is here on a work visa from Germany (about as socialist a country as it gets). He is a highly educated Electrical Engineer, working for a German company here in the U.S. His name is Ingo. Ingo has been in this country for about 4 years. He owns his own home and he loves America. He is terribly afraid he may lose his work visa at some point and have to back to Socialist Germany. He wants desperately to be allowed to immigrate and become a U.S. citizen, but the quotas are so restrictive that unless he can prove he is a political refugee or some other disadvantage person, or gets married to a U.S. citizen, he doesn’t stand a snowball's chance in hell of becoming a citizen.


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