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  • vol_96 vol_96 Jan 22, 2010 9:39 AM Flag

    Why the big drop?

    Cant find any news. Everythings down but not as much as LINE.

    Whats going on?

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    • Obama is doing level best to make the United States into a third world country. If you crush the economy enough and you have 20-50% unemployment the unemployed have to depend on the government and that is excatly how hitler got into power. Just go back into history and see for your self.

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      • Its not my intenet to turn this into a political forum, but the comparison of Obama to Hitler is juvenile and offensive in the extreme. As far as economic policy is concerned, the Brookings Institution (a non partisan think tank generally considered centrist or conservative) opines that Obama's policies have resulted in siginifcant econimic imrpovements in many areas. That is not to say that there is not considerable controversey over long term effects, but to simply blame Obama for everything and compare him to Hitler is ridiculous. My stock portfolio is in alot better shape now than when Bush left office.

      • I don't think Hitler is a good comparison as Hitler used a lot of violence to gain power. There are too many guns in America for anyone to try that one.
        I do think Marx/Lenin is a better comparison. The Marx/Lenin crowd used the masses to overthrow the establishment... just as Obama is trying to rally the urban mess to rise up against America; ie Acorn and etc. It just won't work, as a sleeping America is finally waking up against the concept that we need to redistribute wealth.

      • "Obama is doing level best to make the United States into a third world country. If you crush the economy enough and you have 20-50% unemployment the unemployed have to depend on the government and that is excatly how hitler got into power. Just go back into history and see for your self. "

        Ain't gunna happen, we'll fight him til hell freezes over, then we'll fight him on the ice! There's no way we let this tin horn bimbo ruin our country. He and his associates are ture evil, but we are too many and too strong to let them succeed.

        Mass is JUST THE BEGINING!

      • Someone out there is taking gains NOW.

        The statement: "that is excatly how Hitler got into power" is really off topic - But, with that "logic," then our next president would be a Hitler and I doubt that that president would be a Democrat. -

      • When you read aloud your post, can you taste the stupid?

    • This 'Too Big To Fail' is a red herring for Obama to simply push his socialist agenda.
      The Gov pushed the failed financials: WaMu, Countrywide, Bear Stearns, Wachovia, Merrill Lynch into the arms of the strong financials...and now they to dismantle the banks who succeeded in this crisis?
      The irony is that Dimon & Blankfein were big Obama supporters.

      Not to worry, DeutscheBank, Credit Suisse, UBS, HSBC, CCB, RBC, BMO, TD will be there to pick up the pieces. Oh, wait, they're all foreign banks. Move along....nothing here to see.

      To each according to their needs, from each according to their ability.

      You better wake up America...NOW.

    • Obama

    • you guys better worry about the price of this stock instead of the political bullsh!t.I know I am.

    • Long run up, market tanking, crude tanking, PROFIT-TAKING. No change in company fundamentals that I can see (other than oversupply of crude concerns).

    • Such a horribly naive, simplistic, narrowminded, talking point/partisan view of our financial crisis.

    • The dems are the lowest lifeform on earth. They stand up and say all the pretty words and then the little guy always gets screwed. Oh yeah, I forgot they were all lawyers and they have big contributions from the trial lawyers. So what was all the hope and chage about?? More lies from a lawyer! They do teach those guys how to sway a jury, and the American people were the dumbest jury ever!

    • Actually, it's more like about 3,200 killed under Pinochet, but that's pretty close to a million for a lefty. I guess it would have been far superior had the left gone in and murdered a few hundred thousand more. If done in the name of the people rather than corporations, you lefties are quite comfortable seeing the bodies stack up, and boy, do they, when you guys get into power.

    • Since we're discussing the Mortgage/Housing crisis, I've got to add my 2 cents-

      There was a time when F & F would not deal with bundled subprime mortgages. This changed, over time, because politicians (Republicans and Democrats) wanted to provide housing for low-income people and because, during the long time period before it all came crashing down it evolved into great economic stimulous. Nobody wanted to kill the goose that was laying the golden eggs; however, to their credit, Republicans did sound the alarm about F & F on more than one occassion. There voices were drowned-out by the likes of Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and other Democrats. In my opinion, the green light was given by politicians for business to move this paper (Mortgage Backed Securities, etc) and a blind eye was turned to the risks of economic consequences. IF my opinion is incorrect, why haven't the Rating's Companies who rated these instruments AAA been prosecuted? Why is there no legislation being proposed to prevent them, in the future, from providing such falsely rated instruments? JUST MY 2 CENTS

    • I appreciate your effort to explain this to the people around here. But i have some advice for you.

      Never argue with an idiot. First, they'll bring you down to their level. Next, they'll beat you with experience.

      I've spent countless hours trying to explain how EVERYONE f-ed up and without exception, their partisan filter prevents any sort of bipartisan blame to be recognized. In the rare event that it does, it is merely temporary. This is exactly why i hate politics.

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