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  • luckyone581 luckyone581 Jun 28, 2010 12:27 PM Flag

    LINE Chart Evaluation & Sell Mention

    You are making a cardinal mistake and stereotyping me, and assuming I fit the mold. Each person is a world onto their own and without asking, your assumptions are just that "assumptions".

    First let me clarify that I don't daytrade. I used to, but I don't do it anymore. My average stay in a trade is about 3 you can call me a short-term trader.

    Nonetheless, professional daytraders do have to have a "probable" direction of the stock for the short-term in order to take the most likely side of success, and therefore their daytrades usually have some kind of short-term direction.

    As far as my trading success not being a good reason to try to get clients, let me say a couple of things.

    1) I am retired and at home all the time and I have to do my chart evaluations for my own trading, so why not offer the service to others as well. There is certainly "enough" money for everyone and it keeps me busy doing something I enjoy, that also offers other people a benefit. After all, when we die we will be facing a higher judge and all good deeds get you brownie points with the one above.

    2) For reasons that I don't want to mention, I started back trading in 2003 with only $5000 and that kind of starting capital is not conducive to making a fortune. I now have about $175,000 in my account but I live off of my trading and I am not a "home run" type of hitter, and therefore I can't live the "life of ease" that you seem to suggest that I have, based on my successful trading approach. In simple words, with a $175,000 trading portfolio, I average about $90,000 in profit per year trading. It is enough to pay my bills and a little extra, but not enough to be on a cruise ship 12 months a year.

    3) You evidently have never been or met a "professional" trader (just an investor with 40 years of trading) and you have no idea what a professional trader does. Do not classify the amateur day or short-term trader with professional traders, they are worlds apart.

    I worked as an broker/trader/analyst for 10 years at Merrill Lynch, Pru-Bache, and Dean Witter and I not only met the best, but traded shoulder to shoulder with them.

    So stop "assuming" things based on "your own" experiences and start asking questions before you open your mouth to show your lack of knowledge.

    By the way, I have offered my service since January 2007. Of the original 13 members that joined the service at that time, 9 of them are still with me. I charge $27.95 per month for my service and I don't know of anyone that would pay that amount for 42 months continously if they were not getting their money's worth.

    Perhaps you should try the "2-week FREE trial" I offer before opening your mouth again. That way, you would have the kind of information needed to make an intelligent evaluation.

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