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  • jackhiller Jul 23, 2010 12:08 PM Flag

    Jack Hiller & Board

    Evep has performed very well and I own it, but I'm concerned that its almost entirely a NG play, and the new horizontal drilling technologies with fracing to release the gas and liquids, will once again place NG into over supply. For some strange reason (must be distortion of Green politcs), the current Administration is not seizing on the opportunities to promote conversion of coal burning utilities to NG and heavy trucks and bus engines to NG.

    There has been direct info to the Pres about the virtue and abundance of home grown NG, but policy interest is in promoting Cap and Trade instread (another killer for the economy and everyone's cost of living).

    There is a chicken-egg problem for NG with filling stations availability. The vehicle operators want to see filling stations in place before they convert. But potential station operators want to see the plans for conversion, before they build. Instead of wasting money subsidizing corn-based ethanol (which consumes more petrol than the fuel it produces), the Gov could subsidize filling station and engine conversion to NG, just to get the ball rolling. Perhaps a new Administration will do that, and then NG will get a fair price.

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