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  • cccapital cccapital Nov 12, 2010 12:56 PM Flag

    $30 Coming Soon - CEO DUMPED 80% of his shares at $30 LAST MONTH

    What a bunch of LEMMINGS ..... Now the worm has turned......Here comes the SMART TAX SELLERS ..... Then the PANIC SELLING FOLLOWS.....Then the MARGIN SELLING for those that got SUCKERED in to BUYING at $35 (or Higher) by the CRAMER Douche Bags.......

    And then CCCapital STARTS BUYING at $28.50

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    • Mr. cccapital .... How in the world can anyone panic as you've just done. I honestly don't
      think the market is a place for you. You should bail out of all your investments if this is the way you carry on. Don't make yourself sick, just take your cash and run. Sorry if I came on strong, but I'm thinking about your health. Linn is a great stock, but right now the problem is not with the stock. The market is taking a hit due to other world issues. Good luck to you.

    • This has all the hallmarks of the Cramer crowd getting stopped out. What Bozos!

      Buy a stock after it has run up and simultaneously put in an order to sell at a 5% loss.

      I wouldn't expect $30 anytime soon unless oil goes under $72. None of this makes much difference to LINE because they are hedged out a year and a half anyway!

      It is comical to see oil drop on the theory that China will snuff the world economy. Two days ago the headline was "thank China for saving the world economy". Now the markets are even loopier than they were on monday -way back when Goldman Sachs still ran the world!

    • Calm down dude. If indeed Linn drops to $30, it will be due to macroeconomic factors, not the CEO. That share sale is old news.

      On the macro side, we have high unemployment and not much of a plan to fix that. Real estate continues to be a mess, lenders just don't get it.

      I personally don't like the way the admin and Fed are going about stimulus. To me, stimulus should be: see that road, go repair it. That bridge? Repair it. Those sewer lines? Dig them out and replace them. And if a ladybug gets stepped on, so be it. That's how money gets moving.

      Too much of our infrastructure is 1950's vintage.

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