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  • thegrandstrandgroup thegrandstrandgroup Nov 18, 2010 10:58 AM Flag

    Couldn't Resist - Shorted the OPEN - There is 50K Short Order

    in just above $37...Run it up!!!!!

    As you know we were stopped out on all our shorts but still managed an 11% rake in 6 trading days.....Shorted the open and would like to see it go higher by close....

    Jack the fact that Boone Pickens thinks Oil is headed for $95 is an indicator to SELL....Have you not figured it out that he has thrown EVERYTHING behind Nat Gas and will do and say anything to TALK HIS BOOK.....Funny I remember the last time he ran his mouth and it cost him nearly a BILLION!!!!!

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    • jackhiller Dec 15, 2010 7:28 PM Flag

      Your timing is not good here. The price dropped back from $37 when they just sold around 11.5 million new units at a bit under $36 that (closed yesterday). The new unit owners (to include underwriters) have been taking short term profits.

      The new equity paid down bank debt for a couple of relatively small bolt ons (extending the ultra low cost Michigan NG property, and Permian basin oil properties).

      The kicker that is going to hurt you is as follows. They have not announced the deals in the works for the majority of new equity just raised. Their deals are always immediately cash flow accretive (and in the case of GW and Wolfberry became much more productive after purchase by applying horizontal drilling with fracking to new well development).

      So the market does not know what they are buying, and therefore the share price has drifted near to the new equity price offering. I suspect that when they announce their new purchases using the new equity, perhaps supported by more relatively low cost bond debt, trading will break the $37 level smartly.


      Best of luck covering.

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      • Jack, what are you talking about...Long Covered our LINE SHORTS (with a very nice profit) weeks ago...

        My Post Yesterday was to let you know that we SOLD our LARGE Position in BAC yesterday I had suggested you take a position in BELOW $12.......

        " Jack, As I also told you to take a hard look at BAC if it fell Below $12......Hope you picked a little up...We had an AVG price of $11.35 and a BUNCH of Shares......anyway, WE SOLD ALL our BAC at $11.52 and actually Shorted at $11.55 on the AH Settlement News.....We view this as an admission of guilt and feel this will actually bring a HUGE # of Class Action LS to the forefront......Happy Holidays

        Remember not what but who ya know......"

    • BTW - $37ish 50K Short Order is GTC

    • Well at least you've got a sense of humor. All the best with your fund, and I'm not being sarcastic. This is just a chat board, not life or death.

    • LOL - that was good - ground roots following got us a backer of substance....1.5 and 20 to start....

    • Never seen a hedgie try so hard for clients. Most hedgies prefer to fly under the radar so to speak. So regarding your fee, I assume it's the typical 2 and 20? Or do you think you're worth more because you use all caps?

    • jackhiller Nov 18, 2010 1:36 PM Flag

      " ....We have created quite a following and have now made it BIG "

      Thank you sincerely for creating comedy on this board. It's amusing to see how you cannot maintain eve a whiff of logical consistency.

      So, where was this throng of followers helping you to drive the price back down to $30--you just had to admit that your supposed short positions were stopped out yesterday (the rise was too steep for you to maintain even a tad of credability if not admitting that whack on your fruity Shorting concept for line).

      Others too have pointed out that such a success as you claim to be would be working the deals and not wasting time pointlessly posting on a chat board.

      Enjoying the comedy, so keep it up--Please

    • Ahhh, so are you on a marketing campaign and trying to solicit new clients to invest with you? Or are you just trying to sell a newsletter.

    • If you don't like making money...well I understand....But if you had acted on our last 40 or so recomendations then that is all you would have made $$$....We have not missed a trade in 18 months....FOR A REASON!!!!

      Remember not WHAT, But WHo ya know

      All we do is MAKE $$$$

    • msnapp, where did you put the roach spray?

    • Are you saying that you sold short above $37 this morning?

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