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  • jackhiller Jan 28, 2011 12:41 PM Flag

    Market madness

    Linn has new growing liquids/oik production unhedged, and NG well hedged for next five years. The Mideast is errupting with threat to oil supplies, and oilmarket is reacting with oil up over $3.50. So L9inn is trading down.

    Opportunity knocks when fear takes ovcer the market, heh.

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    • I gots tons of dry powder. Down is good.

    • The unemployment rate does not look too different in Egypt from Saudi Arabia...

      Any thoughts on the price of LINE if recent unrest closes the Suez Canal for a while? or, spreads to any other nearby oil producing countries?

      As I listen to cnbc the comments about the possible price of oil sounds like it could become a bit scarry.

      Will LINE's hedges of collars, puts & swaps allow LINE to still benefit from rising oil prices?

    • Jack,

      I was just thinking about the identical subject as your post. Suncor's (SU) share price is over $40.00 today (up $1.70 as we "speak") for the first time in my memory due to the explosive upturn in crude oil prices worldwide. It's a real mystery why Linn's share price is lower.

      Here's my question and I wonder what you and other message board posters think. If this turmoil in the Middle East continues for the next 1-3 weeks and oil prices continue to rise, will we see a change in market sentiment regarding Linn's shareprice to a violently upward bullish move?

      Another way of asking this is whether people do or do not think that after the initial wave of panicky selling the market will move from being in short term panic mode to a weighing mechanism over the longer term, resulting in Linn's share price rising significantly?

    • Jack, I think it's just program trading, everything is in sell mode. With these types of geopolitical events popping up at random, and a weak domestic economy, my gut tells me that investors will soon grow tired of the ride and move into names like Line, and be content with a 7% disty and the opportunity for growth.

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