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  • dmwmyou dmwmyou Jan 29, 2011 9:48 AM Flag

    Is this another 1848 for the Middle East?

    Is this another 1848 for the Middle East? 1 minute ago While the causes for the 1848 are rather disimilar to those in the ME, the spontaneous spead of the uprisings look to be be similar. It took another 65 years or so for the European Monarchs to commit suicide or would that be self imposed regicides with the advent and the outcome of WWI. Events happen much faster these days.

    If this continues throughout the year as I suspect, lots of very wealthy ME players are going to go into gold and silver with both feet in order to insure their wealth in a tangible, fungible, and transportable form.

    Long RBY, Line, and phys.

    The European Revolutions of 1848, known in some countries as the Spring of Nations, Springtime of the Peoples[3] or the Year of Revolution, were a series of political upheavals throughout Europe. Described by some historians as a revolutionary wave, the period of unrest began in France and then, further propelled by the French Revolution of 1848, soon spread to the rest of Europe.

    Although most of the revolutions were quickly put down, there was a significant amount of violence in many areas, with tens of thousands of people tortured and/or killed. While the immediate political effects of the revolutions were largely reversed, the long-term reverberations of the events were far-reaching.

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    • That's silly. Do you have a source?

    • You are so far from reality you had better change your information sources.

      google up chinese nuke plant building.

      New York Times new efficient coal plants.

      Mega Dam building.

    • The Chinese are able to build these windmills very cheaply because of their very, very, very low labor costs. Even with uneven, unreliable, windmill performance, it could be in their best interest to build them fpr whatever the amount of energy they get out of them, at least for home energy use. The Chinese might put up with uneven home heating, but the average American would not.

      The U.S. cannot afford to build a high cost item which does not produce reliable results. Natural gas is the common sense way to go. Until natural gas technologies can be developed to the fullest, we still need gasoline for our cars, and we will need oil for a very long time.

      Clean coal technologies can work for us in the interim transitional period for home heating and industrial use.
      You know, if we don't use the coal, U.S. companies will export it. Coal will be used one way or another as the cost of oil goes up. If we don't use it, the Chinese will.

    • ---The Chinese are developing coal and nuke technology. ---

      The Chinese has the world's largest wind farm and predicts that in 10 years that 50% of their energy supply will come from Wind and Solar

    • While I don't understand where the reactions to your post are coming from (wrong thread?), I do think that your analogy to 1848 is interesting. But you may have picked the wrong revolution. The 1989 dismantling of the U.S.S.R. and the various soviet bloc nations would be, I think, a more appropriate analogy to a potential expansion of ME government-toppling (which seems pretty unlikely on a larger scale at this stage). My fear is that a possible crumbling of oppressive regimes will lead to a brief period of quasi-democracy followed by duly elected Islamist regimes, comcomitant Sharia law, and the dismantling of whatever democracy exists because the will of God must always take precedence over the will of the people. Goodbye democracy ; hello more oppression.

    • We the People have more work to do than we should as our ‘press’ simply refuses to perform the primary duty keep us well Unfortunately the Middle East and the world oil supply is not secure or stable. All the oil producers are police states of one form or another therefore it is impossible to know when critical social mass for overthrow is reached.
      Our administration in a willfully childish display proclaims some people like wind mills and solar panels rather than our 200 year supply of natural gas and nuke. Never mind that wind mills and solar panels displace economically viable and job creating coal, gas and nuke. Therefore it does nothing to protect is from the danger of imported oil. Our President should be the President of all Americans first and focused on workable pragmatic solutions rather than the willfully delusional demands of empty headed and mean of spirit ‘progressives' that have had America play ground hog day for the last 30 years around energy.
      Our 'press'; in the main, refuses to fairly and objectively keeps us informed. So we have to seek the information out ourselves.

      First things first so let NPR pay their own way. Every one should have ngl or oil in their portfolio.

      • 1 Reply to norrishappy
      • Talk about mean spirited and empty headed, take a look in the mirror, dude. Do you know how laughable you sound defending coal against wind and solar? Why? Because of the jobs? Had you been around in 1910, you probably would have been campaigning for the horse and buggy lobby to keep all those jobs. Get real. Look ahead and try to envision a clean powered future. Do everything in your power to facilitate that.
        You've twisted the last 30 years strategy to make it sound like the liberals are at fault for our "head in the sand" energy policy when in fact, its the Republicans and the oil companies that have kept us tied to the ME tit. Not to mention our support of the most vile dictators to ensure our oil supply and "stability in the region." We are seeing the results of that policy on the streets of Arab countries today, as the masses, who have no share in the oil profits, have had enough of the oppression.

        We can agree on the development of natural gas and nuclear, but all that other stuff you're spouting is just trash.

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