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    • Stagg,
      The primary cost in fertilizer is energy. It requires great gobs of energy to extract and process all the components of fertilizer - whether or not it is processed directly from dry gas.
      The cost of energy is the key as it always is.

    • Hi Stagg,
      It is difficult to appreciate the insanity of the situation a corrupt political process has created. 40% of our corn harvest is going to be burned up only because we have insane subsides for no valid reason today.
      How much better off would we all be if we used natural gas in transportation and the corn to feed meat for US and export? The average working class American could afford to take the family on a road vacation and the whole family enjoy at least choice steak.
      Because we want to game the system political and do irrational things even employed working Americans cannot afford a road vacation or a steak. Burning up the corn for fuel means $3+ gasoline and $5 steak - on sale.
      This whole ethanol thing was created because we did not have battery technology, thought natural gas would run out in a decade and so there was no alternative to oil in transportation. America is indeed blessed with a solution.
      While I appreciate your honesty Adam Smith is rolling in his grave. Consumers do not make selfish decisions but rational logical choices. If we do not allow consumers to decide the invisible hand does not exist.
      This is exactly how we got to the insanity of burning 40% of our corn harvest and massive food inflation. How money is spent is THE critical thing for our system; which has serve humanity better than any other, to function.
      I am for energy independence and this empowering us to disengage from the requirement to protect Middle East oil as a strategic vital commodity. I am also for pulling our troops out of Europe. I have a fondness for Poland and Israel as brave democracies.
      Washington was 100% correct in his farewell address. America does need to get back to first principals and core values. Technology has changed but not human nature and no small assembly of people has ever understood the human condition more fully than the committee which forged our constitution.
      The sad truth is if the government got out of the way Americans would enjoy $1 a ‘gallon’ natural gas and prime steak for $5. Those higher living standards would mean full stable employment.
      Respectfully – How money is spent is the most important thing. It must be done rationally and that does not require a government roll except to insure markets are free, fair, informed,transparent and competitive.
      If the Chinese wheat harvest does fail inflation could get real serious real fast. The Chinese government will spend whatever it takes to keep people fed rather than risk Egypt type excitement. They have the dollars to get it done. BUt a billion human being will still go hungry some where on our planet. We as Americans have a duty to do and be better than to simply accept this rather than find solutions. Solutions for the regular people is what we do!

    • All interesting stuff but,
      on the switch grass mentioned. .....that is for cellulosic ethanol....same ethanol just need alot of cellulase before fermentation.


    • In the WSJ today noted that with 818 drilling rigs working today that is a 10x increase from the 90s. There is not only the shale oil but the oil sands which are now economical at about $40bbl due to the vast inexpensive gas supply. The oil sands represent a resource roughly equal to all of the House of Saud’s reserves. There are also vast reserves in Alaska that the radical Obama EPA has managed to block by playing games with permits.
      The world has changed and Obama is still trying to sell forty year old green delusions of the drug fueled 70s. Simply put there is easily enough oil and clean gas to make American energy independent in 10 years. The critical part is using natural gas in transportation.
      What we must stop right now is 40% of our entire corn harvest going to ethanol. Human beings around the planet are going to go hungry because of price shocks caused by political corruption that serves no one but the corrupt greenie elite. Solar panels are a horrendous second which also must be stopped. We can afford some wind mills in logical locations.
      One thing to keep in mind. All the new oil in America and around the world is not enough to brake OPECs control of pricing. Demand is growing and inelastic except if natural gas is used as a substitute. Being a Poland lover I am very pleased they have the natural gas to do this too!
      Which I think would mean about $10mf natural gas. Every LINE customer, worker, investor and manager would do very well while doing great good for America and even the world.
      Cleaner stable affordable energy that not only creates jobs and lifts living standards but ends the ethanol corruption that makes human beings go hungry. That is the definition of doing good but a duty all civilized people and (in my opinion) Christians in particular.
      Hey LINE team. Please work even harder and scream even louder at politicos. This is a win / win for regular Americans and the corrupt should lose. There is not a greater American solution.

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      • Norris...With all due respect you need to do your home work...! Ethanol is made out of corn in Mt. Vernon In. and then 90% of it is exported to China and 100% of by products (tailings)...the tailing are also sold has high value feed stock and they are not cheap...I know this for a fact because two ethanol plants are within ten miles of my home and I know people who work there...! In the future China will get smart and just buy the corn and make their own ethanol...! One more thing, did you know that drywall is made out of commercial flour and gypsum, which is made from milo (which has the same feed value of corn) sure sounds silly to say that we should not make drywall out of food, but you are sitting by it right now...!

    • Board members...I am surprised that nobody has made any comments about this new drilling technique...this is major news and could be great for a lot of MLP' cheaper than drilling in the Gulf of Mexico or the Canada oil sands...this "could be" (????) the most important message that has ever been on this message board...! That said, the article is very interesting and something we should think about...!

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      • You are about 40 yr late : look up Exxons' town near Rifle CO.
        Of course in 40 yr there have been advances in horozontal drilling ,fracs, coil tubing, MWD, etc. There has been no improvement in environmental interference.
        How many cold winters will it take for the ignorant masses to figure out Global Warming -And all the related "green" scams, are scams.

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