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  • norrishappy norrishappy Jul 29, 2011 10:57 AM Flag

    Obamageddon III

    Obama just claimed our national credit rating is going to be downgraded because the Republicans cannot put a small dent in his record spending spree which is the true cause of our credit rating downgrade.
    Sadly unbelievable. Bush $1.6 billion a day Obama $4 billion + a day.

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    • Hi Jack

      You are as usual to kind and maybe it is good I am short to time to respond.

      Ron plays with ideals well beyond his education and in hubris refuses to improve his condition. Rather he picks up the talking points of hard collectivist website and throws them on. Imagining other bright people have done his work for him.
      But remember he posted that our government is not working so we should go to direct democracy? Against all the wisdom of our Founders who’s philosophy is proven by time to be superior to all other alternatives?
      Do traditional Democrats really want to overthrow our Constitution? No but they are being made useful idiots.
      Are Tea Party members ‘ignorant’? No they are a little older and far better educated than the general public and vastly; to the point of not being comparable, better educated, informed, aware and engaged compared to the average Progressive voter. That is not spin but simple demographics any one can look up.
      Party politics will always be a problem and can only be combated by a working press which rationally supports their bias rather than propagandizes for it. But folks need to realize Progressivism is a distinct and far more dangerous force than party politics or anything else that can be thought of today.
      Washington said do not call yourself a Patriot if you are not supportive let alone hostile to morality and religion. Further refined that morality cannot exist without religion. He did not say you have to believe but rather intellectually understand the need. Way before delusional Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche saw if there is no god man would have to invent one.
      This is exactly what global warming is.
      Sorry Jack this is not so much for you but others that might be hopefully following along. Tea Party needs to remember we lost on Bunker Hill. That progressive will pile up dead bodies to win as well as long as it is not theirs. They need to communicate and prepare for that moment Providence brings Yorktown to them. Normal Party politics is a problem but always remember that is not the enemy which must be defeated.

    • norris

      I believe you have described the opposing issues quite well.

      Your assertion:"Folks should stop and think what actions the progressive have taken on all these opportunities. Then ask how anything they say solves them..." is most appropriate and necessary. I view this as such because many today are swayed by the mass media and web sites that profusely distort and mislead some into believing half truths, twisted logic.

      There now seems to be a black cloud of confused assumption/understanding/belief upon many that since our leaders and what they do cannot be rationalized as being conducive to traditional American values, since they can bend and twist our laws and moral basis, they to desire to get all they can whenever they can before it's all taken or given away. Thus self and greed have replaced the very conditions that made this country great, and can be the very issues that brings it to the brink of extinction as we know of it today. This combined with a general lack of understanding of what is going on in our nation, from the gov't to our media, explains why no one but perhaps people who entertain some of what the t-party folks stand for, ask the question you so rightfully posed. Too many in our nation are tuned into the world of make believe, hollywood, drugs, alcohol, sex, games etc, no longer are they monitoring our gov't as citizens should, nor does their educational system provide any relief, and a great many do not even vote! slothfulness, lack of understanding & thankfulness and appreciation for the very blessings they live under speaks loudly to why the progressives have made such inroads in our country. A total lack of shame and conscience that feeds off greed and self.

      Thus the theme of our many posts/threads here have all led to this conclusion. The several issues of contention you highlighted,especially the buying of votes, healthcare and wealth redistribution is the most vile and grievous actions that our gov't is attempting to perpetrate on its citizens welfare. If left to go on unchecked, we will attain the very thing that jack hinted as a possible potential, a new type of nation, no longer a republic, but a socialized form of gov't bordering on marxism...

      Take God out of the gov't, and you make gov't your god! How will atheists deal with that?

    • jackhiller Aug 1, 2011 11:43 AM Flag


      Brilliantly explained. I hope those who read this mb and who are motivated to improve the welfare of the poor through the current Democrat Party will realize how the dominent liberal progressive agenda uses Social Justice as a shell for creating a political class that rules in its its own self- interests.

      The traditional Democratic Party that I once belonged to stood for helping the little guy to succeed, not for buying his votes with unaffordable entitlements. Their agenda is knowingly driving the country to bankruptcy. Why? I expect that they would use a break down in the social order, as now occurring in Greece, to justify writing a new Socialist Constitution.

    • Good Morning Glenn,
      I believe the root cause why Democrats and Republicans can no longer ‘compromise’ is that the Democrat Party is controlled by Progressive Collectivists.
      Collectivism and Individualism do not and cannot mix. Of course our Founding Documents are animated by philosophy of Individualism taken directly from Reformist Christian Theology.
      Traditional Democrats are Individualists. Traditional Liberals believe we can expand the scope of government and improve economic efficiency. Dams, freeway systems and water ways or curbing union excess - are great examples. Kennedy Truman. Whether or not their policies work the focus was on enhancing economic opportunity and empowering individual Americans with abundant economic opportunity.
      Progressives objective is control the economy not enhance it. To that end the neo-pagan religion of global warming serves their purpose by supplying the greater good excuse to control the economy.
      Americans wonders what has gone wrong. It is no longer a conflict between liberals and conservatives or Republicans and Democrats or right and left. It is between collectivism and individualism.
      These worldviews do not mix and collectivism has always failed. What America needs most is a Democrat Party controlled by traditional Americans that seek to solve problems rather than one controlled by Progressive who aim to transform us into statist France, at any cost for collectivist social justice. That is why nothing is working as it should now.

      Lies about border security
      Lies about domestic energy
      Lies about solar panels
      Lies about deficit spending
      Lies about food production and cost

      Folks should stop and think what actions the progressive have taken on all these opportunties. Then ask how anything they say solves them. Then I hope Democrats will look around for leaders in the Truman Kennedy tradition.

    • Thanks. I uderstood the dynamics of the conflict in the congress, but htought that in a time of crisis they would rise to the occasion. Look at the "debt deal " just announced , i guess it was wishful thinking.
      G*d help us all.


      The fix will be medium in scope because of the was the t-pty who made the election in nov10 a repub landslide and gave them strict direction to hold and stop spending....that is exactly what is happening....if the t-pty did not stand up for its values, we would be no better off than we were before...the repubs would have given in to obama on the first shove and more...

      I think this nation owes a great deal to what the t-pty has managed to do, and will subsequently do nov/12....and I thank God the newly elected congressman held out and provided backbone to the right in just the right time, place and degree.

      Dangerous only to the extreme left socialists..and europe will be glad and more stable as well when the new deal is agreed upon.

      Not being able to understand why the two parties cannot agree on much is a dilemma that seems to be wide spread and not understood well by many...but it boils down basically to ideology, greed and power....some bluffing and hot air...push and shove...but pol in america has entered into a new level that now contains a very nasty and sinister element. In part, it is an image of our society which seems to be loosing ground maintaining a connection with our roots and values system. The further we drift from our foundations and core values, the more sinister our society is becoming. Part and parcel of this issue seems to be that we have also made some serious errors in judgment as to the character of some of the elected officials we have allowed to stay in office longer than we should have. These have forgotten that we the people are their overseers, but somehow they have evolved into thinking they are more important than their constituents. They get accustomed to too much power and authority, pride and self, which gets the best of them eventually, and they must be humbled.

      Hope this explains it better for you.

    • Gothred, tea party is dangerous because it wants an instant coffee fix. The problem is so big that the fix has to be a medium term plan to rectify, so as not to destroy eveything as the Pol Pot regime wanted to do in Cambodia . Hope you get my drift,
      As far as politics are concerned , as an outsider, i can't understand why the parties can't get together to face a national disaster, instead of holding the nation to ransom.
      The issues are too vast to address in a short paragraph.

    • Good Morning Glenn,
      The most stunning thing is no budget. The Democrat swept into power spent money at shocking speed even if we eliminate all the ‘emergency’ TARP and crony capital stimulus.

    • william

      well that's nice to know, as full disclosure often speeds understanding!

    • william

      Thanks for your input...your logical response is most appropro, but it doesn't allow for any indifference that American politics today demands. The two party system has become so ideological, that any impasse in opinions and will become major stumbling blocks. Greed on both sides of our aisle creates a very difficult situation. What's more, a loss of confidence in leadership, which appears to be heading very far left-socialistic is pitting traditional America and it's core values against this extreme element. America has a lot more to contend with than what lies on the surface.
      You failed to respond as to your opinion on why the tea party is dangerous to the usa. This is very important to understand, because it will help us understand a different outside point of view and let us do some introspective reflection. So I ask if you would also tell us what your thoughts were when you mentioned that.
      I agree with most of your response William, but just what is going to help America accomplish it? Germany had the marshall plan and the backing of our gov't throughout its reconstruction and implementation of a civil gov't, plus the protection and rev's of our armed forces....we are the biggest contributors to the world bank, so I see no outside help coming our way. How do you take morphine away from the addict when its free, abundant and no one wants to change?
      Now you may understand better why some view the importance of the t-pty...they are the only ones that have the weight and the determination to get this nation to stop spending! Our founding fathers gave us the power to voice our speech coupled with the power of the ballot is where america displays its unalienable rights to the greatest degree, yet we see them vilified and smeared by the mass media and 35% of our nation...just because they want traditional values maintained.

      Looking forward to your comments.

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