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  • haa6451102 haa6451102 Aug 5, 2011 12:06 PM Flag

    Double Digit Yeild

    Ive been in LINN for years and the recent move has been absolutely JAW DROPPING.... BUT on the VERY bright side on this is that we are all going to get another chance at 10%+ payouts. The ONLY real question now is....since the 8/11 div is in the we sell out on a bounce and wait to buy back in the High/Mid 20s or keep holding on.????

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    • Hi G thank you.

      I have real trouble when folks think Kerry is some kind of war hero.
      I have real trouble when ever Gore opens his mouth now days.
      I have real trouble with all is lost in Iraq worldwide on CNN Clark being held up as an honorable man. He did not understand modern tactics and in his ignorance gave aid, comfort and encouragement to Saddam’s speed freak irregulars that gave us most of the trouble.
      Democrat can, should and must do better than the above.

      Stay in the game my friend! Surely we can at least get a real energy policy - at least.

    • norris

      well said and very true..."If Obama had done anything honest about these issues then maybe he could get away with blaming Bush for a ‘slow’ recovery. But he has not and cannot because ‘Hope and Change’ was for a transition, (fundamental) of America to a collectivist social organization. The simple answer is collectivism does not work"....

      And all the smoke and windows along with lies, distortions and half truths will not make it work either....that's why the progressives are attacking t-ptyer's...they fear the middle american values and principles, so they act just like the cowards they are, they attack and attempt to disparage good honest patriots, attempting to slander and otherwise diminish them....john kerry came out today telling us that the press should ignore the t-ptyer's all together because they are unamerican, terrorists...john kerry, of all people, the viet nam slaggard who turn coated on good americans, supported by his uncle teddy, the drnk murderer, is once again turning on good citizens...what a sham.....people with no intergrity, nor character, calling others fools....

      Fools always rush in where/when there is no vision (of law)....obama and kerry combined wouldn't be able to shine the shoes of kennedy and truman, let alone reagen.....

      very good post analogy of todays issues norris!

    • jack

      you can only squeeze so much pus from an open sore before it bleeds...he's still trying figure out how obama and the unions stole billions of dollars from the bond you expect him to graduate to pols and stk invest decisions?
      leave him be, miserable people always want company, he's burning up inside about how bad obama is screwing him, so he's hanging out trying to make someone else feel as good as he does!

    • It doesn't sound like you have been in for many years. If you were in MLPs during 2008-9 you would have seen declines orders of magnitude bigger than this such that some yields were >40%. LINE itself got down to the $11 range with a distribution not much lower than todays.
      This is nothing.

    • jackhiller Aug 5, 2011 2:07 PM Flag

      If you like what you have--keep it and avoid for the time being tax paying liabilities. The market is too unstable to time for trading.

      During the day, TVIX has moved (with 2X leverage) to large losses, gains and up and back. Suggest that you keep keep or make available cash to take advantage of the tax loss season to increase established positions, especially if it's looking like we will be discarding a business unfreindly Administration.

    • Just curious about: "Ive been in LINN for years"
      How many years have you been in LINE? five, or ten?

      and the comment about double digits ..... that was good, pretty funny.

      Did you see KOG, or this yet?

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