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  • staggman99 staggman99 Sep 9, 2011 7:21 PM Flag


    Board members...If anybody wants to checkout my facts on ethanol; click on the link below...the truth may hurt but the truth will always set us free...!

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    • stagg, you said-"Board members...norris and grothred don't care who loses money as long as it is not them (not on their watch)"

      This sounds like a 6 yr old kid who had his candy taken away from this the best intellectual discourse you can dream up? your getting closer to bottom stagg....periodic slippages back to ones childhood are sure indications!

      Your second statement is so far from the truth i had a good chuckle about it...although I own line, i bought it well before ever meeting jack, and whats more, my second largest holding as all know on this board is one that both norris and jack do not own nor like this proves your intellectual dishonesty is once again a paramount part of your discourse! yup, getting even closer to bottom stagg....still want to continue to make a bigger fool of yourself? as i told you several times, you are your worst enemy!

      I've never blamed anyone but myself for my bad investment decisions...i don't see or know of anyone that made me do anything i didn't want about you?

      Your baiting norris now to show you the money? Just how childish can you get...tell us your kidding, you now have us all laughing and crying for you at the same time....bottom coming up faster!

      you are a real train wreck stagg....when you crash, it's gonna make ind history!

    • stagg

      do you rant and ramble out in your fields/woods and flower beds like you do on this mb? People who are driven to be foolish do things like that you know!

      We don't want you to run off the board...that's another fairy tale you made up...while your ranting and raving, you are displaying for the world just how bad your condition is.....and if you were ever to get your life straightened out, we would continue to enjoy talking with you as long as you maintain a intellectual's really up to you!

      Not too long ago another poster took my investments which i post here occassionally, if not often, and determined that my avg annual yield was's your's doing? honestly now!

      i do not need your tips...i saw your holdings, and i do not agree with 5 of them...sdrl is the only one that makes sense for me!

    • stagg

      you're a real comedian
      its not a question of you or anybody not agreeing with me, its a question of CHARACTER, INTEGRITY, TRUTH AND DOWN RIGHT COMMON DECENCY, NONE OF WHICH YOU OFFER TO US!

      You have purposely mislead and distorted info supplied in your have no credibility sir! you sold your soul out and tried to convince us to accept your lies....and just so you understand, debates require academic honestly. I believe you have sufficiently proved you are not academically honest.
      Debating against dishonest opponents requires that the characteristics and components of the argument be changed to the produce a fair playing field.

      As such, I will always require you to back up your statements with documented proof, and if that proves to be distorted and untrue, I will disclose it....hatred has nothing to do with the function of our discourse....i don't hate you, i just no longer respect you as a honest lost that when you played your trump cards that have been publicly disclosed for all to are a unrepentant who seriously needs help!

      You throw a lot words around, most of them senselessly used. Your guilty conscience cannot hide nor mask your deeds stagg....stop playing the part of a fool and get your life straightened out....

      Respect is earned, not assumed! you want respect, you need to get your act the rate you are ranting you have a long way to go before you will hit bottom and be for that's really bad.....and comes on rather sudden!

    • Ethanol is a poor fuel for internal combustion engines !!! Its heat release is only about two/thirds that of a typical gasoline. (Miles per gallon) It forms an azetrope with water at its boiling point, therefore, can't be separated by distillation. The "mix" becomes a receptor for corrosive materials (Bad on engine components) It is only good "politically. !!!!

    • Board members...norris and grothred don't care who loses money as long as it is not them (not on their watch)...these guys really do not know anything about investing....

      jack is the real investor and he is their investment leader...without jack they could not rub two nickles together and make a dime...

      For the record, I made good money while Jimmy Carter was in office and I am still making good money...I seem to make good money no matter who is in office, so I don't need a fall guy to blame bad investments on...

      Come on norris, show us the money, you always know it all...time to share...norris knows everything except how to make good investments...We are waiting, "show us how to make some money"....

    • Nonsense Stagg
      Let us remove the artificial price control in the form of use mandates! Thank you for making our point!

      It is welcome back Jimmy Carter stuff and it did not work then and it does not work now.

      The bulk of the federal subsidy money flows to farmers who are wealthier than the typical U.S. taxpayer. The Environmental Working Group, a Washington activist organization that wants subsidy dollars shifted to conservation programs, maintains a database that shows 10% of farms getting 74% of the federal money. Small farmers receive smaller payments simply because they work fewer acres.
      An exception to the boom is the local office of the U.S. Agriculture Department, the dispensary of federal payments to farmers from an array of arcane programs with names like "loan deficiency" and "milk income loss." On a recent afternoon, the parking lot in front of the squat brick building behind a Chinese restaurant was nearly empty.
      The reason: Payments from America's primary farm-subsidy program, dating from the 1930s, have stopped here. Grain prices are far too high to trigger payouts under the program's "price support" formula. The market, in other words, has done what decades of political wrangling couldn't: slash farm subsidies.
      “How come nobody ever says anything about high oil prices or high fertilizer and chemical cost...don't you and norris think that the world would be a lot better off if oil was about $30.00 a barrel (maybe we should have price controls on oil)...?”
      In fact American chemical companies; which is in large part fertilizer, are benefiting from the equivalent of $30 oil or more accurately less than $30. This is due to the switch from heavy oil based feedstock to our natural gas. It is one of the big reasons why Crammer is always pounding the table for our best fertilizer companies.
      Good reason to take a good hard look at two of my personal favorites PPG and DOW. But please keep in mind they are cyclical – define cyclical investing. But I have little doubt you could buy PPG now and be very happy twenty years from now. Long term corporate culture.

    • what about the -4mpg additives issue, you know, the one ethanol causes!;s that figured into your real profits on corn? (notice i didn't invoke any thing about God....but He's listening stagg...waiting for your answers!)

    • Not trying to pull you down William but the first requirement of productive debate is intellectual honestly. I believe you and Stagg proved long ago you are not intellectually honest.
      When we must debate against intellectually dishonest opponents then the nature of the engagement must change. It is necessary to point out the dishonestly of the opponent to be productive discourse. It is not a condition I created but both you and stagg.
      It seems we have another one of your bark and run snarky comments.
      “If china is self suffient, why by your own admission has china been investing in agricultural land outside of china”
      Being pragmatic would mean striving for food self sufficiently and buying insurance in case that effort did not result in 100% attainment. Americans used to do policy this way but not with the rise of progressive politics which assume they can always achieve 100% perfection.
      Now William it is not that I dislike you and Stagg. I have opponents not enemies. Look at your and Stagg’s behavior then admit to yourself my response to you and Stagg is different because you behavior is different from all the other regular posters on this board.
      It is about reason not your emotions.

    • If china is self suffient, why by your own admission has china been investing in agricultural land outside of could be more poductive a poster if you spent less time trying to be positive influence as opposed to trying to pull others down who dont see life through your eyes.

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