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  • moneyonomics moneyonomics Nov 8, 2011 11:16 PM Flag

    OT: Will Israel strike Iran early in 2012?

    It is a concern on many fronts and I think it is an important topic for those invested in the stock market and oil stocks. It is especially relevant now after obama/sarkozy leaked comments and UN recent news release on Iran developing atomic bomb. Has left the door wide open for Israel to now act on its own.

    I speculate strike could happen after US leaves Iraq and Iraq airspace is wide open route to Iran in Jan 2012; What do others think?

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    • The Aryan lords and inheritors of Persia; once the world’s greatest empire, brought low by the Greek west is only interested in local power?
      War lords looking to find the twelfth Imam and bring on a paradise of a 100% earth filled with ‘correct thinking’ Shia have only local ambitions?
      Well to remember the National Socialists at whom suggestion Persia change their name to Iran or Aryan were not atheists like one world socialists. No they set about through government policy to pervert Christianity into their version of Positive Faith.
      Iran is only less dangerous because the well educated youth oppressed by the Aryan war lords wishes to get back to the values and reason of Islam’s Golden Age.
      One should not forget that the Iranian mullahs conscripted their youth and sent them to slaughter in untrained waves, killing them in the 100,000,000s if not a million, rather than seek peace with Saddam. The educated Iranians in the streets understand their leaders perfectly well and are willing to suffer and die before accepting a government willing and able to do the same thing again to them or their children.
      Pakistan has problems. But in their wars with India we saw nothing remotely close to what the ‘religious’ leaders of Iran did in sending their youth in mass suicide attacks against perfectly constructed kill boxes.

      Can you name one rational person in a position of power in Iran?

    • follow the thread. Hesbollah is a proxy vis a vis Lebanon sphere of influence. What Hesbollah does outside of Lebanon is not nesessarily directed by Iran.they have many enemies, Israel, Harari supporters,local christians etc and these are not Iranian issues. Iran will however supply weapons to enhance the power of Hesbollah. End of subject.

    • jackhiller Nov 15, 2011 1:42 AM Flag

      Hezbolla is one of their actors--you think their attacks on the US and Israel are benign. Hamas is benig?. The recent planned attacks in WDC were benign? The attack on ther Israel Arentine facility was benign? You are back to spouting craziness William!

      And you are content to risk tragedies beyond belief with your optimism that they really mean no harm and can be trusted to be rational actors once they have developed radioactive materials for bombs. You are advocating risk beyond rational plausibility.

      What if Obama, who seems to have the same outlook, were wrong?

    • Jack . I truely believe
      you give too much credence to the common western myth that the supreme council of Iran is driven by religious fanatisism. They instead have a clear vision of their dominance of Iraq,Western Afghanistan, the gulf and levant.this is old fashioned power play and not western poltics.

    • jackhiller Nov 14, 2011 11:36 PM Flag

      William, I appreciate this last post of yours for both content and style. Unfortunately, Iran is not akin to, for example, France and Germany jostling in a civil economic competition in the modern era, or even China competing with the West. These are rational secular governments at work.

      Om contrast, the SA Wahabi and the Iranian 12ers reflect a true believer mania and thus cannot be counted on to merely build military power to maintain peace (as the USSR and the USA did under MAD)and simply to negotiate economic terms from strength, but instead to engage in covert terrorism and ultimately attack the infidels as organized nation states.

      I've met a few Iranian emigrees at the Defense Language Institute and in fact assisted a bright grad student on his PhD at SIU, and they were civil and rational, as we can expect of the generally well educated Iranian population. But the clerics om power include fanatics.

    • Jack, its unlike you to jump to conclusions. i have merely tried to give others understanding of the attitude of both sides. I regard Iran and Pakistan as dangerous as each other. Pakistan is an ally at the moment. Wahabism is more dangerous in the long run than Irans regional
      ambitions. I suggest that as a clever man you rely less on assumptions of my motives and read the posts for what they are.
      Have a nice night

    • grothred, eloquently, succinctly, and well said sir!

    • william

      based upon the obvious threats iran has made publicly against Israel, and jusy yesterday as a voincidence, an idle threat made to us here in the u.s., and given that iran is a nation controlled by rel nuts, either or both the usa and Israel should accept the role of worlds policeman and erraticate the iran nuke issue altogether....if we don't, the price will be paid in a very hard way....there is no rational understanding of what is right versus what is wrong in the culture that exists in iran....its controlled by a religious system that cares little or nothing about anyoned but their religion, and even there they continue to destroy themselves....the appropriate term that describes what we see in iran, the entire m/e right now is "brother against brother". When they complete their rel struggle for power, they will turn their immediate attention towards the west and Israel....

      So based upon doing the right thing, it is better all around that their nuke capability be eliminated now, before it becomes a major m/e problem....all the hiding behind lets talk has never and will never work with rel fanatics. History proves that....The role of policeman is one that many nations assign as an ecpectation, although non verbal, non public for sake of pol expediency and prevention of assure, the vast majority of the world would be very happy to see iran totally taken out ofthe nuke community....

      there is another saying that you and others should seriously consider...."to those that much is given, much is expected...." and that sir applies to us in america....that is one of the reasons america does what it does....the league of nations, now the u.n. has failed miserably at doing what it was designed to do, thus the big guy on the block is expected to protect those who cannot otherwise do so....this is the basic principlesthat our judeo-christian laws and values require to maintain adequate and proper human relations....looking the other way is tantamount to being as guilty as the aggressor....finally, remember that every this nation does and fails to do, has a consequence all to itself....are we, even more so, is the entire world prepared to address a nuke iran?

      I think sir, this explains the issue well enough to understand that history often repeats recently as ww2, when this country ignored germany's aggressive behavior as it steamrolled over half of europe, built concentration camps, etc, we paid a terrible price for not exerting our influence until it was almost too late, yet millions died....are we prepared to let that happen again, but on evena larger scale?

      I do not think so, but a chambertlain attitude has permeated across america, if not the world, and this sir is what is most dangerous.....our current admin plays a role in this attitude....we must learn again that a signed piece of paper, a talking gov't, just does not always work....iran in comparision to germany of the 30's is well beyond the do nothing talking stage....before long we will be confronted with the likes of a real mess, and you will not find the chamberlains any where around to be found!


    • Never doubted they were making a bomb. So who is going to be the world policeman?Irans logic is if Israel can have the bomb so can they.Irans problem is that they ostensibly subject to IEA whereas Israel is not a signatory and can do what it wants. This will be as long as the US approves all actions by its partner in the ME. I have no solutions barring full santions on Iran and Israel for having/ building nukes.Sensible counties like South Africa dismantled their bombs in 1994 , just before democracy was established.Is this a lesson?

    • jackhiller Nov 10, 2011 12:48 AM Flag

      Yes indeed, when looking it's plain to see what was documented by the latest IAEA report that Iran has operated a continuous program for over a decade to build nucs and missile delivery systems.

      So, William, what is the mystery you think that yet needs to be solved? They are now (have been for years) the largest supplier and trainer of "terrorists." What mystery awaits resolving? Is Chamberlain your model for astute diplomacy?

      And bombing the hell out of them is not the first resort, but the very last as they equip terrorists with dirty radioactive devices and arm their missiles.

      You continue to post as if confronting a hostile Iran is simply an intellectual, academic exercise. And your planet of origin, that you plan to return to, was?

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