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    • You mean my existing natural gas service?

      Right now I can pay $2.00 for natural gas gge and there are five 'stations' within seven miles of my home. The new Honda natural gas car gets 27 city and 38 freeway. I should be able to fuel at home for a great deal less given natural gas is about 1/6th the cost of oil - a gge should be about $0.50 with no supply worries. Every mile creating American jobs.

      As soom as we get Obama and the Progressive out of the way America has everything we need to have a sustained economic boom AND less polution.

    • North America accounts for 19,260 miles of planned pipeline miles and 8,839 miles of pipelines under construction. More than 4,600 miles of the planned pipelines represent projects in Alaska and Canada

      One of them is going to run right through your front yard norris. That would be great.

    • stair game to erase. Gro up boys.

      The truth hurts doesn't boy.

      You aren't as smart as you believe you are.

      Gro he is just another puppet. Pull his strings and watch him crumble.

    • Now you are just acting wierd and are totaly ignoring what is asked of you ith really bad analogies.

      I don't care if Obama is in or out of office when it comes to my investments. As far as LINE goes NO NEW MONEY will be added till the BOD stops selling and reissueing shares on its investors. Can i make that point any clearer. The SP has maxed out. I can get a better divie else where.

      Now if you the future man want to wimp out on the question asked of you. That only shows that you really aren't as smart as you really believe you are. That Your uncertainty in your investments is clearly showing. This appears to be your recurring theme.

    • Why would any investor put their savings in LINE and vote for Obama when we all know he is hostile to the business and the business structure?

      Simple question which is not answered with emotions for traditional Americans.

      I believe you can fool most of the people some of the time but not after they see the truth or fruits of the deeds.

    • You take things so literaly. Ok how is this all of my investments are logical/sound and will remain with me as we progress into another election.

      I just put another 10k into D= dominion power

      Added to KOG,BBEP and FIO. Sound investments for the future with or with out Obama in office. I seem to have no problem with answers. You on the other hand do the cha cha around questions and are illogical with your responses.

      You again have avoided the question. Something you do rather well with well calculated amswers.

      Why is that. Is there something you are afraid of letting out of the bag? Pretty straight forward question i proposed to you. What will you do if Obama is relected with your investments.

      Now Norris let this be known i have invested in O&G companies since 1996. MLP's I have to admitt are relatively new to me.

      That being said i am learning more and more about their inner workings. Therefore i see them as a good investment with or without Obama. Now does that sound like someone who is as you say emotional.

      Can you say the samething? Just how unemotional are you. Just how good are you in these markets.

    • Obama by public policy statement and even more so by stealth bureau action is known to be hostile to LINE basic business and the capital structure. A fact.

      You ‘feel’ fine which is an emotion rather than a logical position. Investors have the right to be emotional and irrational but odds are they will get wiped out or if they are very lucky below market returns.

    • Nope i didn't say that. As a matter of fact i am just fine with everything i have. I don'tscare easy or panic when it comes to the market.

      Now the real question that you keep avoiding. Is what will you do with your O&G investments. You have already indicated that OBAMA is bad for this industry.

      What will you do?

    • So there is no rational reason to invest in LINE if you will vote for Obama or expect him to win.
      Thank you.

      As we see by the record amount of cash on American corporate balance sheets; as Obama economic fallout shelters, the investment which should be made based on project returns are not made due to political risk. When investors are unwilling to make investment due to political risk you have the Obama economy.

      I wish it was only O&E investments not being made due to Obama slowing investment down across our economy.

    • You said look to the future not to the past.

      So what you really need to be asking yourself "is what will i do if Obama gets relected" as far as my investments with O&G stocks.

      That my friend is your stmbling block it would appear.

      GL with your answer.

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