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  • norrishappy norrishappy Jan 10, 2012 11:40 AM Flag

    How games built on ignorance cost American Jobs

    How games built on ignorance cost American Jobs
    WSJ B2
    The general rule for aluminum costs is 36% energy, 31% alumina, 21% other raw material and 5% labor.
    Alcoa will close a plant in Texas and Tennessee as cost exceeds metal market price.
    Yet with our natural gas, vast coal reserved and unmatched efficiency in our commercial transportation net we are going to lose high value added unionized jobs?
    When basic material production goes offshore we place all our other higher value added manufactures at a competitive disadvantage.
    What will it take for a majority of Americans to understand unnecessarily high energy prices cost jobs and lower living standards? That placing political uncertainty around viable domestic energy sources acts to effectively increase the price of the input as investments are considered.
    I cannot help but feel for the union members at these two plants that had their dues go to elect Obama thanks to their union bosses. Bosses that have better digs and fancier vacations than nearly all corporate CEOs.
    The best informed guess as to the marginal cost of American natural gas is about $6. Still about the energy equivalent of imported oil. Well run utilities like Southern do not want to build natural gas plant without long term supply agreements as it is clear the economic value of domestic natural gas is in relation to imported oil not coal.
    All so Obama can give Government Motors $3billion to build a volt that cannot be sold with an additional $7,500 give away for buying it. For car that is economically incompatible with solar and wind energy as it must be charged at night. So it will have to be charged from viable conventional sources but at prices which further subsidies technology which is not economically viable. Placing the Volt itself at a signigicant econmic disadvantage.
    We are better than this Americans. We have to be. We all understand the economic value of LINEs natural gas reserves. The question is will we continue to allow Obama policies to purposely impose a 50% tax on the natural gas so all Progressive can hunt their white whale of ‘green energy economy’?

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    • living in denial is the utmost symptom....but that he doesn't take seriously....

      you know this is a ditto of getthefactsstagg

      must chk-in there!

    • "Accusing me of being a drunk, i take that accusation very seriously and personaly. Onething i don't take lightly is being accused of something of which i have not partaken of or done"

      Wonderland and the queen painting the roses red.

    • You talk pretty big behind a puter loud mouth.
      You throw stuff in my face, so expect to get it right back. Accusing me of being a drunk, i take that accusation very seriously and personaly. Onething i don't take lightly is being accused of something of which i have not partaken of or done, and that goes for anything. If you want to get a hold of me with all these accusations and slanderous remarks, just come to the Outer Banks of NC. Have your puter with you and let me know where you are at. I would love to meet you. Not a threat just an invite.

      Your empirical leader [norris]has niether observed or been on site at LINEs operations.

      00000000000000000000000 zip nada.

    • you evidently don't read your own posts hey?

      you just type them, but have no idea what they say....

      now you claim norris is drinking....some more of your home spun reverse psychology?

      no body else been posting because you post for everyone else....and no one wants to read your nonesense.....oh, and your policing! another attempt to deflect responsibility away from yourself hey...

      Here is another one, don't blame theories....this makes three in one post...
      (where there is smoke, there must be fire)

      you guys are just nasty...right back to the original reverse psychology again hey....

      what a mess you find yourself did you let his happen? why do the guys pick on me.....

      let's see, maybe because your a big mouth know it all that knows knew nothing when you showed up here and haven't added much since and what's more, your narcissistic posts, your bullying, your outrageous claims of "I'll take care of them all by myself" attitude sux!

      Anything else you want to were welcomed here at first, but when you got burn't by the very people who sucked you in and then laughed at you, you laced out at everyone else and have stayed the course for quite some time...

      learn a tough lesson...big bar guy...go break an arm or leg!

      Boy, you are one thick headed fool!

    • You guys are like a pack of wolves. Someone says something before christmas about having a G&T and you guys can't let it go.

      Norris opens up sveral bottles of cheap cali wine and he is a hero. I would say that the favortism runs deep here. A well as grudges. No wonder nobody else posts here anymore You won't allow it. Kind of like the old nazi way of thinking. Congats you have succeeded in driving everyone away.

      Don't blame your bad attitudes on me. You guys are just plane nasty people.

    • Hi I will honor Sands thought and see what now happens.

    • what in the world is emperical research?? no such a can you laugh at something that doesn't exist?

      just some more ignorance again! he/she keeps proving it..

    • His drinking while preening is not a pretty sight. So prideful about posting information until being asked to explain what it means.
      Now back to multiple personality posting with drunken raving by all the monikers is the pattern.
      Poor William. How many times will he do the ‘yea me too’ then have this happen again and again before he learns. It seems his high strung and erratic emotional state does not permit him to progress.

      What a wastrel.

    • emperical funny..............anther typical answer from the troll under the bridge.

    • Ah hah! you made progress after all norris!

      He that knows little, often repeats it! and ignorance is always ready to admire itself, as witnessed by this persons posts...

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