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  • norrishappy norrishappy Jan 24, 2012 10:39 AM Flag

    Here comes the Obama nonsense

    Paneta did an editorial on natural gas in the WSJ today or rather put his name on an existing piece. So they are preparing and gauging reaction before the speech.

    Natural gas and 'alternative' energy. So here comes the screw it up on purpose stuff again.

    Natural gas is so cheap 'alternative' is more than 10x more expensive.

    So the actual mission will be to regulate until the price of natural gas is higher than 'alternatives' to reflect the 'full cost'.

    The logical course for energy policy is natural gas displacing imported oil at a 2/3 cost reduction to consumers and a 30% reduction in emissions. That will increase the price and get Americans back to drilling for natural gas but not at the price of oil but the marginal cost of production.

    But I bet Obama will go electrical generation with gas and his battery powered cars that do not work properly. Waste half the energy from the natural gas in conversion and transmission loss so he can have more solar panel and wind mill farms.

    America has to do better than screwing it up on purpose for more special interest corruption.

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    • BAD BAD Obama. Every thing was fine
      till he came along

    • Hi Zack,
      The Democrats that do all the damage are the self assumed intellectual elite. They will not even talk down to their fellows as we are simply too ignorant to understand just how smart they are.
      They divide Americans from a people Created equal into every little division they can manufacture.
      The government exists first and foremost to secure the Gifts of the Creator for individuals. Then we move on to maximizing individual economic opportunity so those of good character can use their God Given Talents.

      Kennedy’s ancient American heritage.

      Nothing like the chant troop of below average character of the OLB movement here. Rather than educated themselves so they can maintain a discussion they find cover from which to pitch childish snarky comments.

      Truman is always a good model for the best of Democratic thinking and values.

    • you know norris , what these new democrats remind me of is , they have theres , and they are going to take mine, and give it to them , I can't help thinking like that, but the only types of democrats I see, are rich democrats , poor democrats , and union democrats , three distinct contrasts .

    • What Democrats from Penn, West Virginia and Oklahoma (many others) are not pagan worshipers of the Progressive earth goddess? They believe real progress is responsible stewardship/leadership which has concern for people and all of God's creation? To be balanced rather than have those that yell, scream despite the dope get their irrational childish way by throwing the biggest tantrum?

      Heck many of them are in Democratic districts where support for XL is way above 53% and the just say no as working people should live in caves 29% oppose it.

      Believe me the best thing for our country would be a Democratic Leadership which are not the tired old tyrannous food and energy must cost more to serve the earth goddess east and left coast 'don't worry about we will make the 'rich' pay the offering' lunatics. Obama, Pelosi, Reid, WaxermanShultz.

      We all know it. Well the lucid Americans do.

    • opinion , I ran on the democratic ticket 4 years ago last nov , and I can tell you that if you don't march in lick step with the party bosses , they crush you

    • Why are the repubs afraid to bring up discussions in their debates on nat gas?

    • Yeah and thru that whole repub debate the mention of nat gas and other energy was never brought up. I bet i know why. Because this is what the repubs will bring up after Obama does his thing tonight. I bet you are wrong about his talk on energy.

      But what ever fits the hate Obama gang here.

    • obunghole is doing the only thing he knows how to do - run his mouth and play to his sheeple.

      Oh. This administration borrowed ANOTHER 4 + BILLION DOLLARS AGAIN TODAY - 24/7/365!!!

      And his sheeple think that's ok. After all, they depend on their government / mommy!!!

    • Norris, he is probably going to try to claim credit for the expanding supply of natural gas. Of course he had nothing to do with it. But my guess is that he will say that it was his wise leadership that led to a future of cheap and plentiful clean natural gas. And many simpletons will believe it. Hey, if Al Gore can claim he invented the internet, then the least Obama can claim is that he invented fracking.

      • 1 Reply to hungrydoggy
      • Hi Hungry,

        That is his pattern. Take credit for the oil and gas he and the Progressive did everything to stop. Blow off billion dollar tax payer loses for Solenfra and sunpower. Make no adjustment to his insane corn based ethanol mandates as the ME is destabilized but claim it is an outbreak of 'democracy'. Support laws to hide the true impact of 'alternative' energy on electricity rates.

        There is nothing Democrat Party about this mean spirited political power built on deception and mass delusion of a very large number of Americans.

        The good news is that our economy is set for 1950s style economic expansion on efficiency gains powered by natural gas. Economic efficiency gains, natural gas and radically adjusting the ethanol corruption would offset a huge portion of the coming inflation from debasing our currency. Economic growth will not cure Obama's wild drunken spending binge but as we saw with Reagan, tax receipts would exceed the most wildly optimistic projections on real economic growth.

        The change America needs is a return to common sense. Something Obama, Reid, Pelosi or WaxermanS is not peddling. Enough of the grand plans of the dishonest and delusional for America!

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