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  • williamlebotschy williamlebotschy Feb 3, 2012 9:03 AM Flag

    Jobs Report

    Great news for the market.Republican congress members must be very unhappy about the good news.

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    • Stagg for president

    • norris

      very nicely summed our dear sc justice ginsberg is out touting our constitution is not worry as well.....imagine, a sitting sc justice saying that....she should be expelled from the court before she can embarrass this country further...

      She's another one the left will hold up and make a saint out about loyalty and total lack there gore going overseas to beat up the country and a sitting prez....real fools....

      how much evidence does it take for the likes of the middle Americans to wake up to barry's call against those with their guns and religion?

    • Good Morning G,
      Madison in Federalist 10 establishes that the power of faction and special interest can be controlled in a large Republic by balance of one against another. That this balance of power will allow the people equipped with Just common sense to make the right calls rather than their immediate self-interest. It is important to make the clear distinction between immediate material need or want which we address with safety nets not redistribution. Broad based economic opportunity which increases living standards by lowering costs from the bottom is the American policy which has always worked. It is also necessary to keep power with the common person.
      Obama told us straight up he was about coalitions of power rather than balance of power. I would note this man has the academic certifications to ‘teach’ Constitutional philosophy. So Obama understands clearly his intent with his ‘negative liberties’ and coalitions of faction, is to overthrow the Constitution without the genuine consent of the people – who sadly have been left ignorant by a failed public school system to understand. I would add faith teachers who are stuck in fine point theology rather than see the basis of Alexis de Tocqueville observation of the foundation of American exceptionalism. Living faith.
      We can see from the primitive posters here it is more important to win an ‘argument’ rather than have an informed opinion required to achieve solutions. An American can open the Good Book and take it to heart or spend years studying philosophy to discover what was fruitful and productive was in the Book.
      We can tell simple common sense is winning when our opponents turn the last resort of disruption, deception and mockery.

      What I hope most is that our ‘progressive’ Catholic and Jewish brothers and sisters will come to fully realize just how dangerous collectivism is. Whether it is rolling over the freedom of faith and conscience in healthcare mission or abandoning the only self-questioning democracy in the middle east. Collectivists simply do not control themselves therefore can not respect the God Given Liberty of individuals. So far our Constitution has defeated them in time but we should not assume it can without our understanding of evil hiding in what appear the best intentions.
      Washington and all the most brilliant Founders who contributed to the Farewell Address instructed us specifically and in certain terms about the danger of what is happening in America today.

    • norris

      It serves well that you point out the totally negative approach coming from the same source who applauded the job nbrs report and wasted no time taking a sniper shot at congress. Yet big business giants know and depend on American ingenuity to create, while our progressive utopians look east ward where failure is about to implode the entire continent.

      Such foolishness that shakes it's fist at truth and so freely and blindly accepts the very proven shortcomings of demise....Once again a 5th column exists within our nation that try's to steer us away from the truth and values this country was based upon. You post is spot on! Touche!

      Fools always rush in.....there are some on this mb that truly are utopian pagans. Not satisfied with 230 yrs of success, they must fundamentally change and follow the depraved pagan ideals which is leading europe to it's own demise.

    • II
      This sadly is a prime example of how Progressives sell America out day in and day out. Go out on the internet and the Germans are not hostile mercantilists stealing high value added American jobs but a model society we should copy. The problem of course being the largest economy who would we run these size trade deficits with?
      I am for trade in the fair and honest way Washington recommended to us. Fortunately the Republican economists have snapped out of their trade deficits do not matter false equations. But they have to be watched.
      Unfortunately the ‘liberal’ economists are creating fairy tales to cover the absolute failure of statist socialist democracy. So they will create stories so the Germans can continue to exploit America rather than reform their views based on current information and results.
      Here is the problem. One group needs watching. The other group is willful and dishonest. You cannot work or forge deals with the irrational and willful.

      Traditional Democrats have policies which are rational like Truman and Kennedy. Broad based economic opportunity rather than collectivist control.

    • You assumption may be correct, but there are at least two involved here that do not or cannot fit the profile of smart. That's a far stretch of any imagination. I would agree that any coordinated mb attack always have a few intellectual deficient within the midst, and based upon that I could agree with your post.

      Most of the time I just sit back and chuckle at their madness....but a lot of which you stated is probably true. The obl leader's thinking is quite perverse, and sux in the followers quite easily. But fools always rush in.......

      Stay well Sand

    • William,
      The Germans benefit from being the only dutiful collectivist society in Europe. If they still had their own currency they would not be able to run such massive hostile mercantilist policies with American. Instead being tied to declining cultures like France, Italy, Spain allows them to trade with a depressed Euro.
      I have to just smile that all the collectivist socialist are attempting to use Germany as their model. But stop them from running hostile mercantilist trade surplus with America and you have just another expensive welfare state at a significant disadvantage due to labor, food and energy costs.
      As we see with Japan Inc. the other great collectivist Culture take away the trade surplus and the ‘miracle’ of this system is exposed. This is why Germany does not leave the Euro and the nonsense cultures behind.
      America skill base is fine but the truth is our human capital is being wasted due to lack of economic opportunity. No question we are the most innovative culture in the world. How sad it is Obama does all he can to stop our energy men creating jobs here while worshipping Jobs who could not transfer American jobs and technology to China fast enough. IN part to exploit their hostile mercantilist policies with America and gain access to their resulting rapidly growing economy.
      I will acknowledge you made the attempt to be informed by reading some progressive propaganda somewhere. But this nonsense only holds up at a very superficial sound bite level.

    • A business I have caters to Tweens we are the big boys on the block in our area there are several factors in play profit margins are shrinking , gap may have made its # but the demographics tell the story the birth rate has fallen off a cliff thats the biggest and most important factor but , the gap is making its money like my business is the market is imploding and you have to be innovative and be dominant in this environment , 4 of my competitors went out of business in the last 5 years and shire my business did better much better , but this type of business model scares the hell out of me , because its a shrinking market , not an expanding one , here is an example of the old business model that the tweens with there up idity attitude could make retailers and people like me a lot of money , its the attitude that if the prices are kept high its the place to go this is what I'm talking about ;

      here is another that worries me as some on that has a business in the tween market ;

    • Since you two are discussing the name stooges, clowns, a dog on a short lesh....all come to mind from some very recent personal attacks.

      Glen, I am responding to you because it becomes a bit obvious after a while that there is "a method to the apparent madness."

      You have called it the deception that you sometimes do, but I think that you see it differently than I do.

      They are not stupid, or vain, or some of the other apparent things, that some have mentioned.... I see skill.

      I wonder where they got their training?

      They twist the truth, spinn tales, create doubt, bash, etc. The discussions from December are a pretty good example.

      Read some of the histories for some examples.

      I think that you are dealing with a group of message board pros.

      Control of the board discussion by bickering, straw-man posters with very short message histories, name calling, and a bunch of other tricky tactics.

      When someone brings it to the attention of everyone then they seem to get the personal attacks...stooges, clowns, etc.

      So, what if you did not respond to the pros?

      Then they would talk to their straw-man creations of a message history of one or two posts, like bag.duffel and have them thank eachother for such good advice....and just fool everyone who does not bother to check message history first before responding.

      from earlier:

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