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  • clambo2001 clambo2001 Feb 6, 2012 8:29 AM Flag

    Why would any obama supporter invest in oil ?

    obama and the left , HATE oil ,and hate oil companies . Why would any oil , or gas investor vote for obama ?

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    • I hope they aren't the ones he does to you!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Its a MB know one knows me

      Yes that is why we all know you are delusional!

      Glenn full moon is coming up and I cannot wait to see the new tricks you have him do.

    • Its a MB know one knows me. Know one knows you. Oh yeh how many times did you post on friday? Or should i say how many times did you decieve people?

      I would dare say probably doubled mine since i was gone for 6 and 1/2 hrs. You are quick to judge but one forgets about themselves on what one did that day.

    • The line mb prophet has been proved to be a habitual liar and basher and says prove it....he continues to fail to read and thus proves his only purpose is to bash....

      how ironic he knows everything but that which he wants to bash others about.....

      silly toys for silly know we are laughing at your sad performance....self destruct on an mb

      what will he say when he eventually finds the posts.....some bull excuse to cover his madness...

      by the way, we were wondering, are you male or female? you act like a frustrated women....

    • Just as i said one speaks the other follows.

      No whining on my part. You both deserve each other along with your leader of the pack. As the leader leads the pack follows. Prove me wrong?

      My replies about getting together still stands. You won't see any back stepping by me.

    • OK, I'm going to jump into this discussion even given the obvious Obama hating going on. I own LINE. I am an Obama supporter. I believe in alternative energy as well. However, alternative energy is not yet available or practical for a large percentage of our country. The transition from fossil fuels to alternative energy will take some time. Consequently, I am practical and invest in LINE until alternative becomes a good risk/reward.

      I am old enough to be a grandmother. Paid for my own education and worked to make the money I now invest.

      Just for the record: When Obama took office the DJI was $8000, we were on the downside of the worst recession since the great depression and it looked like the end of the world for most of us invested in the market at that time.

      Get a grip, suck it up. This President, while making some mistakes, has raised your profits!

      • 5 Replies to donswench
      • Just because things are improving and Obama is pres doesn't confirm his dirctions are responsible . The fact is his spending is creating more obstacles to economic expansion . The recovery is in fact inspite of Obama not to his credit . Dealt a rotten hand ? WHo really created this mess ? BArneuy Frank Chris Dodd . Bill Clinton and yes also GW . John McCAin tried to reign in Fannie and freddy but the dems shot him down . HE was prescient and had he been heard things might be very different today . . ALternetive energy ? to quote Barrons , "when alternative fuels are viable honst companies with homset profits will invest in them . " "the purpose of corporations is to make the best productas at the best prices , making the most profits ,when they do that jobs follow " .. This president doesn't get it . Hew lives in a dream world . and he doesn't understand the nature of business , foreign policy , economics , and most of all human nature . He is a fool and anyone that would vote for him is deluded

      • It's hypocritical to be an obama supporter and an oil investor . You are voting for a man who wants your oil investments to FAIL !!!!!!!!!!!

      • Lets not forget norris posted that he has been successfuly been beating the market by 4-5% even with Obama in office. Of course he said he has been beating the market 4-5% for 25 years now. Not a losing year yet. The guy is good????????????????

      • Lets not forget norris said he has been successfully beating the market 4-5% even under Obama. So really nothing has changed for him and his gambling.

      • Yes and GW was sinking this country lower and lower towards the end of his second term. Lets not forget Tarp was started under GW. Obama was delt a rotten hand. But the 2 i have been sparring with won't like your post or mine.

        Now all 3 of them have dropped out of LINE as well.

        Oh well life goes on.

    • to opinions , My mistake, apparently, From reading other posts of yours I assumed too much perhaps . I still stand behind everything , even if it didn't pertain to your question .

    • "Yes you do. When the lead wolf drops out the pack follows. That is a fact. based on this pack you all always cover each other up and follow in the same foot steps. So yes i am saying you and Norris have sold out with jack."

      Way to go. From Stagg’s Opinions playing the angry avenger to the pitiful helpless lamb set upon by logic wolves.
      So funny. Just rolling around again.

      Who did that old some poor, poor pitiful me?

    • Look the 3 wolfs jumped right on the starring. As i said the pack moves together. Thanks for proving my point.

    • If golf didn't have anything to do with your post. Why mention it. You got caught in your own web of deciet. Now you are getting deeper and deeper into your rat hole.

      The 3 wolfs are out of LINE. You choose not to prove my accusation. Then i stick by my statement.

      The proof is on you, not me.

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